4 Room Tent Reviews In 2023

4 room tent

We all aspire to travel to places we have never been to as human beings. There is always a longing to indulge ourselves in mother nature’s works and explore the things that the world offers.  I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the word “Camping,” I feel a sense of excitement that is hard to calm down. With that said, there is nothing better than heading out for a family camping trip, and If you have the right gear with you, this trip will be more meaningful. A 4 Room tent is essential gear when planning an extensive family camping trip because you don’t want to crawl over others. Having a big camping trip will ensure that you can accommodate your entire family in the space without feeling the bouts of claustrophobia. The biggest thing that one can do to make sure what are the most significant outcomes of the biggest development of the modern-day century in the most important view of the best available outsource in the best available things in the best available items of the product.

4 Room Tents

So, if you have been on the lookout for a durable and spacious camping tent, we have sniffed through a heap of options and listed down the best tents with 4 rooms. Please take a look at them and find the best pick that will cater to your needs.

1. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent Ozark is known to intricately craft the camping tent that is amalgamated with style and functionality. Having said that, Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent tops our list of the best 4 Room Tents. This camping tent from Ozark features an effortless and sturdy design and offers an enormous space to accommodate your entire crew. This is a 4 Room Tent that comes with a separate entry and exit door, so you don’t have to disturb fellow companions’ sleep to take an exit from the tent. Well, 3 room dividers add to the privacy of individuals. Fortunately, you get removable room dividers with this tent for anyone who seeks his own privacy. You can remove these room dividers to form a large and spacious floor to continue your party.

This camping tent has taken care of ventilation as well. The presence of 12 windows on the side of doors offers you a breathtaking outdoor view and allows the air to circulate inside the tent efficiently. To top it off, this four-room tent comes with 2 mesh windows where you can stow your smartphones or keys or wallets and keep them handy- just at a hand’s distance. This camping tent can house 14 campers at a time, and that’s something that deserves some mention here. On top of that, this tent’s center height is excellent, and you can move inside the tent conveniently. Take a look at the specifications of this tent:


  • Dimensions –  20 x 20 x 78 inches
  • Weight – 50 pounds

Pros & Cons

  • This 4 room tent is very to set up. Thanks to the brief instructions.
  • Plenty of space to accommodate a large family.
  • Separate entrance for each room.
  • 12 windows make it good for ventilation.
  • Not ideal for camping in the winter season.
  • The stakes that come with this tent are thin and fragile.


2. Tahoe Gear Carson 14 Person Tent

Tahoe Gear Carson 14 Person Tent This 14 Person Tent from Tahoe features a practical and thoughtful design intended to offer campers every bit of comfort in the great outdoors. This camping tent makes a befitting choice for a large group of friends or family planning their vacation trip into the wilderness. Tahoe Gear Carson 14 Person Tent offers a very generous and comfortable living space for an excellent sleep at night. This tent comes with 3 spacious and big rooms along with a porched area to store your gear and keep things organized. These separate rooms have their own access to the screened area, which adds more to the comfort of locating your missing item.

The 7-foot center height is an excellent addition, and the campers can move inside the tight without having their heads bumped on the top. This 4 room tent measures huge dimensions, and it does not disappoint at all when it comes to accommodation. Thanks to its generous living size, it easily fits 14 campers with ease. This tent comes with 6 windows for ventilation that will draw the cool air inside the tent while offering you a panoramic view of the setting sun behind the clouds. Talking about the construction, this tent incorporates an extreme fabric that gives strength to it to withstand nature’s elements. This camping tent for a family is perfect to use in warm months or on colder days. Take a look at the specifications of this tent:


  • Dimensions – 37.7 x 16.2 x 13.2 inches
  • Weight – 62.4 pounds

Pros & Cons

  • Plenty of space to accommodate large families.
  • It is sturdily built and durable to withstand the elements of nature.
  • Three rooms add to the privacy of the campers.
  • Set up takes time.
  • This tent weighs heavy, and it isn’t easy to transport it.
  • The window zippers are closed which means no ventilation during the summer season.


3. Ozark 20 Person Cabin Tent 

Ozark 20 Person Cabin Tent  This is a cabin-style tent that offers great space and can easily accommodate 20 campers with ease. In fact, it easily fits 6 queen-sized mattresses in the area provided for a peaceful sleep at night after an exhausting day. Ozark 20 Person Cabin Tent is one of the best camping tents with 4 rooms. The livable space offered is sure to provide you with every bit of comfort, and the presence of 4 rooms will allow every couple to have their own privacy. Well, having a separate room for your children means that you will have your own privacy. Each room has its own entrance so moving in and out of the tent is quite comfortable.

Ozark 20 Person Cabin Tent features eight windows that are perfect to offer you a picturesque view while allowing the air to circulate inside the tent. The windows can be closed with zippers, preventing you from the elements of nature while adding to the privacy. To top it off, this tent incorporates additional space in the form of storage pockets to stash your go-grab items. And if you are someone who always loses track of their valuables, knowing that you have storage pockets is quite comforting. You get one media pocket, four bottle holder pockets, along with E-port. Take a look at the specifications of this 4 room tent.


  • Dimensions – 28 x 14.25 x 14.25 in
  • Weight – 49.7 lb

Pros & Cons

  • Enormous space to accommodate 20 campers with ease.
  • Durable to withstand the elements of nature.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It weighs heavy and is hard to carry around.
  • Set up takes time, although it is easy.


4. Coleman 6 Man Fastpitch Air Valdes Tent

Coleman 4 room tent reviews Coleman 6 Man Fastpitch Air Valdes Tent is teeming with many incredible features that you would least expect. In fact, this camping tent has all the bells and whistles to give your camping trip a whole new meaning. This camping tent from Coleman is specifically designed to make outdoor living more relaxed and convenient. Coleman 6 Man Tent is designed using durable fabric to survive the extreme weather while offering you a protective place to keep you dry. This camping tent incorporates fastpitch Air Technology, and that’s why one can set up this tent in under 10 minutes.

The incorporation of BlackOut Technology deserves a special mention. Thanks to this advanced technology, you will no longer have to wake to the sun rays of the sun. The fabric is resistant to the sun’s UV rays, blocks 90% of the rays, and offers you a shady and cool place to hunker down. A hinged door gives you quick access to the great outdoors, and it closes smoothly as well. Talking about the space, the tent offers quite livable and generous space to accommodate six campers with ease. On top of that, there is an extra-large porch area that can house chairs or tables while offering you breathtaking outdoor views. Take a look at the specifications of this 4 room tent:


  • Dimensions – 236.2 x 173.2 x 78.7 inches
  • Weight – 67.2 pounds

Pros & Cons

  • Huge space to accommodate campers with ease.
  • Black Out Feature does a great job of blocking the sun’s rays.
  • Easy to set up.
  • No ground vents for ventilation.
  • A bit overpriced.

5. Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR Tent 5-7 Person

Jack Wolfskin 4 room tent review This camping tent is a luxurious tent bursting with features for those campers who love glamping. It features a tunnel-shaped structure and is one of the most versatile tents on our list. It comes with 4 rooms so that each family has its own space and privacy. On top of that, room dividers can be separated to form a significant and enormous space for the living. When it comes to the area, you can easily house at least 5 to 7 campers without any hassle, and they will have an excellent sleep at night. You can ideally put this tent to use in any season – summer season and winter season.

There are three large doors for entry, and they are all equipped with mesh – making it perfect to use in the summer season. This four-room tent is designed using 75D polyester, which is relatively lightweight, resistive to the sun’s rays, and robust. This camping tent is also waterproof, which means no matter how heavy it rains, it will shield you from drenching in the water and offer you a cozy spot to snuggle. The tent comes with six vents that ensure the efficient circulation of air inside the tent, and there is a total of 24 pockets to stow your gear and other things. Take a look at the features and specifications of this tent:


  • Dimensions – 92.5 x 74.8 x 118.1 inches
  • Weight – 44.5 pounds

Pros & Cons

  • Huge space offered to accommodate 7 campers at a time.
  • Large windows and vents increase the airflow in the tent.
  • Additional storage space in the form of pockets.
  • It feels heavy when packed.
  • A bit overpriced.

How To Find The Best 4 Room Camping Tent?

You would have to consider various things when you are planning to buy a tent with 4 rooms. These camping tents come in different sizes, shapes, and features – the abundance of options will surely baffle you to some extent. We have listed some key factors that you must consider before taking your pick to beat this dilemma.

  • Ease of set up – Well, you have reached your campsite, and the moon is casting its celestial light to brighten the place, and it is already getting dark. While you would be longing to have some rest, you have not yet set up your tent. So, before buying a tent, it is essential to look at its time to pitch up the tent. Having a relatively easy tent to set up would be a blessing when you are on a solo camping trip. Today’s best tents can be set up in less than a minute, and they actually feel like wizardry performed. On the other hand, some of these tents would take a little longer. So, pick a quite easy tent to set up and meets all your expectations.
  • Size – As we have mentioned earlier, tents come in different sizes. You will be able to find a tent that can accommodate two-person, while there is no dearth of camping tents that can house a large family. So, the next big thing that you will have to ponder over is the tent’s size. It is a good idea to buy a tent with a big space than you need so you will have enough space to roll around. Having a tent with a bigger space will be comforting if someone else joins you for the trip. You can also store your luggage and gear with you if you have that extra space in your camping tent.
  • Durability – Another thing that you would have to consider is durability. You want to have a camping tent that is designed extremely well. It must be sturdy enough to withstand the heaviest of rainfall. A durable tent will help you break off the weather no matter how heavy the gusts of wind attack you. It won’t collapse down even after years of use. Today’s best tents are designed using waterproof fabric, and thus, they are waterproof so that the water does not come inside your area. Also, having a tent that is resistant to the rays of the sun will be comforting when you are camping. Make sure to buy a durable, sturdy, and robust tent to offer you a comfortable living.

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