Best Canvas Tents Review (November 2019) : Four Season Tents

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Best Canvas Tents: Review And Buying Guide

For a hiker, the tent is an essential gear that is required to sleep at night and provides shelter from the weather. The Canvas Tent is comfortable and safe and hence it can make you feel like a home away from home.

There are different types of tents available in the market such as Dome Tents, Instant Tents, Waterproof Tents and many more. But if you are looking for a tent which will last long and usable in all season then you should buy a Canvas Tent.

Canvas Tents are designed for all weather conditions and no doubt it is an excellent choice for camping. All the companies manufacturing canvas tents claim their tent as best canvas tent but is it so? Canvas Tents have so many designs and they are generally strong and durable than any other type of tents.

This best canvas tents review contains the list of best canvas tents available in the market. So if you are also looking for a better tent then read the details of the canvas type tents and choose one as per your requirement.

1. Kodiak Canvas 12×9 Canvas Cabin Tent – 2 to 4 Person

Kodiak Canvas 12×9 Canvas Cabin Tent - 2 to 4 Person, Best Canvas Tent
Kodiak Canvas 12×9 Canvas Cabin Tent – 2 to 4 Person

This Kodiak Canvas tent is made up of 100% cotton duck canvas which is hydra shield. The peak ceiling height of the Kodiak Canvas Tent is 7.5 feet and steep walls allow you to walk and move comfortably inside the tent.

The tent features 5 Large windows with no-see-um mesh which will keep the interior breathable and airy. The 1-inch steel tube poles with welded corner braces keep the tent standstill in different weather.

You can roll up the sidewalls of the Kodiak Canvas Tent for ventilation and openness.  The floor of the tent is puncture resistant, seamless and heavy-duty which will keep the water out. You can maintain privacy by rolling down the side walls.

The tent is included with poles, stakes, and storage bags. After using the tent, it can be placed into the zippered storage bag and can be carried from one place to another place with ease.

Pros and Cons of Kodiak Canvas Tent


  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Side Rolling Walls
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Bulky when packed

Kodiak Canvas 12x9 Canvas Cabin Tent, Tan, One...
  • Spacious 7.5 ft peak ceiling height and steep walls for stand-up...
  • Large D-shaped front door and side entry
  • Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Sturdy frame reinforced with welded corner braces
  • 5 Large windows with no-see-um mesh

2. Oztent 30 Second Expedition Tent – 5 to 6 Person

Oztent 30 Second Expedition Tent - 5 to 6 Person, Best Canvas Tents
Oztent 30 Second Expedition Tent – 5 to 6 Person

With the dimension of 102L x 102W x 74H inches, this is the best canvas tent for 5 to 6 person. It requires only 1 person to install the tent in about 30 seconds.  

The Oztent 30 second expedition tent is made of waterproof, 8-oz. rip-stop polyester and cotton canvas which will not allow the water to enter inside the tent. The heat-sealed PVC floor will prevent the heating of the base of the tent.

The insect-proof mesh windows will not allow the bugs to enter inside the tent. You can utilize the 78-inches awning space for the drink or can enjoy the sunlight. The stand-up height of the tent is 6.2 inches which makes it comfortable to move inside the tent.

The tent includes poles, pegs, ropes, and a carry bag. After camping, you can keep the tent inside the carry bag and transport it easily at the desired location.

Pros and Cons of Oztent 30 Seconds Expedition Tent


  • Waterproof Tent
  • 78-inches awning space
  • Very sturdy construction

  • Expensive and Heavy Weight

Oztent 30 Second Expedition 5-6 Person Tent (50...
  • Dimensions: 102L x 102W x 74H in.
  • 6 person capacity
  • Waterproof 8 oz. ripstop poly-cotton canvas
  • Heavy-duty, heat-sealed PVC floor
  • 78-in. awning for RV or aluminum poles

3. Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas Tent – 6 Person

Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas Tent, Best Canvas Tents
Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas Tent – 6 Person

The material used for manufacturing this tent is the world’s best military grade, rip-stop, waterproof, fire retardant and UV protected Canvas. The setup and packing time of this tent is less than 30 seconds.

The frame of the tent is made up of spring steel and it is powder coated which makes it robust and stronger and can withstand 100 mph wind. The ceiling height is 7 feet which enable you to make free movement inside this Alpha Kilo 4000 canvas tent. 

The tent is suitable for heavy snow accumulations, winter mountaineering and can withstand heavy winds. Large front awning and awnings on each side provide shade all around and covered entry to the tent.

Electric access socket pocket is available so that you can use the electrical devices. It is made up of the material which is waterproof and fire retardant. This canvas tent  floor is robust PVC flood proof and the double roof is available for extra ventilation.

Pros and Cons of Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas Tent


  • Decent Ventilation
  • Electric access socket pocket available
  • Very sturdy construction

  • Heavyweight

Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas 6 Person Bow Tent, Camping...
  • The world's best military grade, rip-stop, waterproof, fire...
  • Easy, one-person setup and pack away takes less than 30 min. Our...
  • The Alpha Kilo 4000 frame is powder coated, spring steel that...
  • Double ceiling, dual inner and outer flaps for warmth, cooling...
  • Our tents are designed to use internal heating for year-round...

4. DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket – 4 Person

DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket, Best Canvas Tents
DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket – 4 Person

This DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent features two stove jackets wherein one stove jacket is on the wall and another is on the Top and the stove jacket has a 3.9-inch diameter.

In this tent, you will get freedom from rolling up the tent walls as it has zip in/ zip out groundsheet which will provide maximum ventilation. 4 air vents with mosquito netting at the top keep the interior breathable and do not allow entry of the bugs, mosquitos etc.

The tent is made up of 100% cotton canvas fabric and it is waterproof. Hence in the rainy season, you will stay dry inside the tent. If there are 4 people then you can place 2 stoves easily. But if you are not carrying stoves then the tent is spacious enough for 5 to 6 persons.

Frames and central poles of this tent are made up of steel and are strong. The doorway has extra zips to allow doorway section to lay flat when rest of groundsheet is zipped in.

Pros and Cons of Danchel Cotton Bell Tent


  • Two stove jackets available
  •  Excellent Ventilation
  • Waterproof Tent

  • Single room design and storage pockets are not available

DANCHEL 5M Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket...
  • WHAT IS IT: This is heavy duty rainproof windproof snow-proof...
  • WHY US:1, Two stove jacket on the top and wall both size(hole...
  • TEST GUARANTEE:We take our brand seriously, Our new stove jacket...
  • QUALITY SERVICE: 5 year quality warranty excludes normal wear and...
  • WIDELY USED: You can use for hotel, cabin or travel house in your...

5. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow VX Waterproof Quick Tent – 6 Person

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow VX Waterproof Quick Tent, Best Canvas Tent
Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow VX Waterproof Quick Tent – 6 Person

The dimension of the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent is 10 x 10 feet which can fit 6 persons easily. The height of the tent is 78 inches hence the movement inside the tent is not a problem.

The tent has a window in the front and on the back side plus two triangular windows on the sides which makes the interior ventilated and breathable. There are two doors of the layer type so that you have mesh and canvas panels.

The tarp is 10 x 10 feet and it fits the ground dimension. The tarp is made up of heavy polyethylene and reinforced with mesh which adds an extra layer of protection for you as well as for the tent’s floor.

The frame poles are made up of steel, having the diameter of 1 inch. The canvas used in the tent is Heavier and stronger and it is the Hydra-Shield canvas with a superb water repellency while remaining breathable.

Pros and Cons of Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent


  • All season tent
  • Decent Ventilation
  • Tarps for extra protection

  • Single room design, expensive and bulky

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent,...
  • Made with Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas that is durable,...
  • Spacious 6'6" ceiling height provides walk-around...
  • Two large D-shaped doors (front and back) with #10 YKK zippers
  • Four large windows with no-see-um mesh
  • Two funnel-flow vents help improve air flow and temperature...

6. Crua Loj Thermo Insulated Waterproof Family Tent – 6 Person

Crua Loj Thermo Insulated Waterproof Family Tent, Best Canvas Tent
Crua Loj Thermo Insulated Waterproof Family Tent – 6 Person

The Crua Loj Family Tent comes with high tensile steel poles which will keep the tent standstill. The patented TT Insulation layer will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in cold weather.

The insulation also does not allow much of light entering inside the tent and provides significant noise dampening. It is a two-bedroom best canvas tent hence privacy is not an issue here.

The Waterproof 7000mm HH, Puncture and Tear resistant 80/20 Polycotton fabric prevents the water from entering inside the tent.

The measurement of the tent is 13 ft wide x 7.25ft long x 6.9ft tall, spacious for 6 people sleeping and it can fit 2 queen size mattress. This Canvas tent has been tested in all weather conditions like over torrential rain, frigid snow, desert heat, and 60MPH winds and it won the battle.

This it is a 4 season tent. The covered porch space (13ft wide x 5 ft long) is wheelchair accessible. 300 sq. ft of total floor space.

Pros and Cons of Crua Loj Waterproof Family Tent


  • Very much spacious and comfortable
  • Big in size but the easy setup process
  • 4 season tent

  • Bulky and Expensive

Crua Loj 6 Person Thermo Insulated Waterproof...
  • ENGINEERED FOR TOUGH PERFORMANCE: This tent was over-built to be...
  • LUXURY OUTDOOR GLAMPING: The spacious 6 person sleeping space (13...
  • TENT FOR ALL 4 SEASONS: This tent has been field tested in all...
  • PERFECT FOR MANY USES: This tent is ideal for as a long term base...

7. White Duck Outdoors Alpha Wall Tent – 10 Person

White Duck Outdoors Alpha Wall Tent, Best Canvas Tents
The White Duck Outdoors Alpha Wall Tent – 10 Person

White Duck Outdoor Alpha Wall Tent is made up of 100% cotton 10.10 “Oz Army Duck Canvas” which is water repellent, mildew & UV resistant. You are not required to buy Aluminum Frame, Rafter Angle Kit/Couplers and Floating PVC floor as it is included with the tent.

Apart from these it also includes Durable 3-layer storm, 5” Stove Jack with flap, Standard Zippered Door with buckled weather flap, large triangular distinctive windows, Mud Skirting around tent base, Stakes, Ropes, Metal Runners/Rope Tension Adjusters and Tool Kit, waterproof tent bag.

The tent has standard bug no-see-um mesh door for added protection and features YKK zippers that are military grade zippers for maximum functionality. There are durable 3-layer large triangular distinctive windows with flap and a durable Velcro fastening system which will let the natural light come inside the tent.

The metal brackets of high quality powder-coated and lightweight anodized aluminum robust poles will be required to set up the tent. After camping, you can keep the tent inside the waterproof tent bag and carry it to the next destination.

It comes with a 2-year workmanship warranty so you need not worry about the damages until the warranty period gets over.

Pros and Cons of White Duck Outdoor Alpha Wall Tent


  • Best for all season
  • Durable floor material
  • Decent ventilation

  • Single room design
  • no storage pockets available and not sewn in the floor

WHITEDUCK Complete Canvas Wall Tent with Heavy...
  • STANDARD FEATURES: Canvas Alpha Wall Tent includes the complete...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FEATURES: Our camping tents include military...
  • INTERIOR FEATURES: Our 4 season camping tent are spacious enough...
  • GROUNDSHEET & SOD CLOTH: High UV Resistant and Weatherproof Tent...
  • SETUP: Requires two or three people to pitch the tent. High...

8. Jet Tent F25dx Camping Tent – 10 Person

Jet Tent F25dx Camping Tent, Best Canvas Tent
Jet Tent F25dx Camping Tent – 10 Person

This Jet Tent F25dx Canvas tent is made up of 100% waterproof ripstop grey polycotton canvas material hence it will not allow the water to enter inside the tent. It takes very less time to install JET Canvas Camping Tent because of its Auto lock and release frame.

Dimension of the tent is 23 x 8.2 ft (700 x 250 cm) so 10 people can fit inside the tent easily. The Awning area available in the tent is 54 ft² (5 m²).

Two huge vents available on the ceiling in the central room makes the interior of the tent ventilated and airy. So ventilation is not an issue in this tent.

The tent can be divided into three separate rooms and the structure is with seven windows, you will feel like a home inside this tent. The floor is a heavy-duty waterproof, bath-tub style and freeze-resistant PVC material so this should definitely be waterproof.

Pros and Cons of Jet Camping Tent


  • Tall in structure
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Good Awning Space

  • One door entry and Bulky

9. Springbar Highline Canvas Tent – 8 Person

Springbar Highline Canvas Tent , Best Canvas Tent
Springbar Highline Canvas Tent – 8 Person

This Springbar Highline Canvas tent has 140 square feet living space with the 6.5-foot comfortable standing height which makes it easy to move inside-outside the tent.

The tent standstill in the high-speed wind and any weather because of 12-inch steel nail stakes, Heavy-duty galvanized steel poles,  and steel wire stake loops. It is made up of 100% cotton duck canvas finished which is waterproof and mold resistant. The floor is also waterproof as it is made up of Heavy-duty vinyl material.

This is among the best canvas tent because of the easy and simple setup. The Springbar Highline Canvas Tent comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the manufacturing defect.

There is two front door having a mesh window in it and a huge mesh window next to it so the tent has excellent ventilation with so many openings and you can adjust the flaps to manage the amount of light inside the tent.

Pros and Cons of Springbar Highline Canvas Tent


  • Strong and Sturdy Construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good Ventilation

  • Heavy and Expensive

SPRINGBAR Highline 8, 10x14 Foot Canvas Tent,...
  • Made with 100% COTTON DUCK CANVAS finished to be WATERTIGHT and...
  • EASY AND SIMPLE SET UP is one of many reasons Springbar Tents...
  • BUILT TO LAST and protected by a LIFETIME WARRANTY covering...

10. Kodiak Flex-Bow Basic 10 x 10 Tent – 6 Person

Kodiak Flex-Bow Basic 10 x 10 Tent - 6 Person
Kodiak Flex-Bow Basic 10 x 10 Tent – 6 Person

This Kodiak Flex-Bow basic Canvas tent ceiling material is made up of 10 oz. Hydra-Shield duck cotton canvas, wall material is made up of 8.5 oz. Hydra-Shield duck cotton canvas and the floor material is made up of 16 oz.

vinyl reinforced with Polyester. This is the best canvas tent for family camping, trip or picnic as it is 100% waterproof and it will keep you dry in the rainy season.

The space inside the room is 10’L x 10’W x 6’6”H which is good for 6 people and to stand up straight & walk. One-sided screen panel is available at both the front and rear of the tent and opposite side solid door. With built-in 72” x 78” awning space, you can take the view of nature and enjoy your drink. 

The major differences between the Basic Kodiak Flex-Box 6 Person Canvas Tent and the Deluxe model are the roof vents in the upper corners and the two additional windows.

Pros and Cons of Kodiak Flex-Bow Basic Tent


  • All Weather Tent
  • Breathable Material
  • Sturdy and Strong Construction

  • Mesh layer is not available at the door.

Kodiak Basic Flex-Bow Quick Set Up Canvas Tent...
  • Frame: 1” galvanized steel tubing Flex-Bow Rods: 3/8” solid...
  • Season: Can be used year-round but not designed for harsh winter...
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty - ack Size: Tent = 30”L x...
  • Total Pack Weight (including stakes): 68 LBS - Tent body...
  • Ceiling Material: 10 oz. Hydra-Shield duck cotton canvas Wall...

11. TETON Sports Sierra 16 Canvas Tent – 8 to 12 Person

TETON Sports Sierra 16 Canvas Tent, Best Canvas Tents
TETON Sports Sierra 16 Canvas Tent – 8 to 12 Person

The bell tent design and two pole assembly make it easy to install the Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent. The stakes are made up of carbon which due to which this best canvas tent can drive through the roughest camping terrain.

The material used in the manufacturing is waterproof and breathable which will give you good airflow as well as protect you from the rainwater. 19 oz. Heavy-Duty Leak Proof Welded Floor is barefoot safe and durable.

It is a 16’x16’ tent which is 201 square feet with extra-wide door and windows so the sunlight will easily reach inside. This is a durable, strong, stable, large and comfortable tent which will make you feel like a home away from home. This is a 2-in-1 TENT OR CANOPY which is good for family reunions, festivals, weddings, camping, and anytime you need.

Pros and Cons of Teton Sports Sierra 16 Canvas Tent


  • Large doors and windows for decent ventilation
  • 2-in-1 Product
  • Breathable and Waterproof material

  • No storage pocket and single room design

TETON Sports Sierra 16 Canvas Tent; Waterproof...
  • EASIER SET UP: Bell tent sets up easily with two pole assembly;...
  • WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE: Strong treated cotton canvas fibers...
  • HOME AWAY FROM HOME: Large, comfortable all-season tent with...
  • 2-IN-1 TENT OR CANOPY: Protection from the elements as a tent or...
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING customer service...

12. White Duck Outdoors Premium Canvas Bell Tent – 8 Person

White Duck Outdoors Premium Canvas Bell Tent, Best Canvas Tents
White Duck Outdoors Premium Canvas Bell Tent – 8 Person

This White Duck Outdoors Canvas Bell Tent tent comes with a total of seven windows, four windows are of the 3-layer feature; clear PVC screen, heavy-duty vinyl No-See-Um mesh to keep mosquitoes out, and canvas flap.

Other three windows (with no mesh) are used to attach a sleeping pad for additional capacity. It has only one thick central 1.1/4 inches galvanized steel pole and a 1 inch galvanized steel frame for the huge door.

The breathable material has been used in the manufacturing of this best canvas tent and the availability of so many mesh windows makes the inside fresh & airy. There are four pockets on the wall so that you can keep the camping essentials off the floor.

It is an all season tent because in a warmer climate the breathable material creates a much cooler atmosphere and in the cold climate the canvas has a bit better insulation properties which keep the inside atmosphere warm.

Pros and Cons of White Duck Outdoor Premium Canvas Tent


  • Breathable and Waterproof fabric
  • Three-layer window
  • All season tent

  • Heavy and Expensive

13. Trek Tents 246C Cotton Canvas Tent – 9 to 10 Person

Trek Tents 246C Cotton Canvas Tent, Best Canvas Tents
Pros and Cons of White Duck Outdoor Premium Canvas Tent

The walls and roof of the 246C Cotton Canvas Tent are made up of 100% cotton. The dimension of the Trek Cotton Canvas Cabin Tent is 168 x 120 x 90 inches which are sufficient for 9 people. If the campers carry less lugga

Trek Tents 246C Cotton Canvas Cabin Tent, 10 x...
  • 100% cotton walls and roof
  • Heavy duty vinyl-coated canvas floor for long wear
  • Three extra large screen windows with inside zip storm flaps
  • Wide front screen door with zip rain flaps
  • 1" diameter powder coated steel farm

Customer’s FAQ

Check out customer’s FAQ for the better insight into the canvas tent and how well they sail through different weathers and how you can take care of these tents for their longevity.

What Size of Tent Should I go with?

The answer to this question depends upon the number of people accompanying you. If you are going out on a camping trip with more than 4 people, the larger tents should be your choice. The way they are designed and constructed are sure to cater to your every need well. The large tent will offer excellent ventilation along with a good view.

How To Maintain The Quality Of Canvas Tents?

The way you treat the tent will impact the quality of the tent. Taking care of your tent will ensure the durability of the tent. When you expose the tents to different locations, the environmental factor plays important role and have a greater impact on the quality of the tent. The only treatment is to clean the tent almost daily and use a soft brush to keep dust and other particles at bay.

How To Take Care Of Zippers?

Sometimes, if you are not careful about what you are doing, zippers might give you troubles. You have to be a bit mindful when you zip doors. Tips to avoid issues with zippers:
Make sure that you have closed all the zippers before you set up your tent.
Handle zippers with utmost care.

How Do I Pitch This Tent?

Setting up this tent is quite easy. Still, if you come across any problem, you can read out the instructions provided in the user’s manual. The instructions are very clear and you won’t face any problem while pitching the tent. Before you start pitching the tent, make sure that there is no debris left on the ground. The gound should be flat and even. Avoid uneven terrain.