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Big Agnes Tent Reviews

Long trails, out in the wilderness, and the peace and silence can be best enjoyed with Big Agnes Tents. The brand brings the best of the product ranges. They inspire one to comfortable and durable products. From down sleeping bags, lightweight tents, self-inflating sleeping pads, and down jackets to name a few. The Big Agnes Tents have the best selling tents that strike as an excellent balance between weight, livability, convenience, and weather protection. Read about Big Agnes Tent Reviews in this article. We highly recommend reading the complete review and descriptions before you confirm a purchase.

Big Agnes Bitter Springs UL 1 Person Tents

Big Agnes Bitter Spring 1 Person TentImagine a mansion in the woods just for yourself. Big Agnes Bitter Springs UL 1 Person Tent is just that massive vestibule that is double the size of what you expect from a 1 person tent. The tent is a bit tricky to pitch up. It requires 15 stakes, a pole, and two trekking poles. You can pitch it with the lower foot end pointed into the wind. This is practically a palatial fortress even in rain or big desert winds. The all-mesh canopy lets moisture escape in most conditions.

The tent consists of 15-denier ripstop nylon fly and 20-denier floor, along with the single 8.7mm pole, stood up to 19 straight nights of long trail venture. It also has an optional groundsheet that adds even more protection and gives you the option of fast-pitching with just the fly.

Product Dimensions

Length – 17 Inches

Breadth – 5 Inches

Height – 5 Inches

Weight – 1 Pound

Pros and Cons

  • Large Space
  • Light Weight
  • Very Comfy
  • Tricky to Pitch
  • Difficult Ventillation

User Reviews

Kerstin A. LaCross – I only got a few nights out of it before I had to come off the PCT due to an injury, but I liked it for the most part. The tent itself is easy and fast to set up, and it is VERY light. It’s spacious enough inside to slide my pack down at my feet and still have some room to scootch (note, I’m 5’5″), also ample space on the sides to spread out. The pockets, thank god, are placed perfectly: they don’t collapse the tent and pull the walls in like other tents. Bravo!

Big Agnes Blacktail Package: 2 Person Tent & Footprints

Big Agnes Blacktail 2 Person TentCouples love the idea of solitude and a lovely romantic time out in the wild. Well, pick Big Agnes Bigtail Package for your Valentine getaway. It is spacious, durable, and easy to use. Clips and color-coded buckles provide an easier way to set up the tent. The tent provides a full cover with its rain fly and other premium perks that keeps your stay-in dry. It has 100% seam taped fly and has 1500mm waterproof coating, while the spacious vestibules provide loads of dry gear storage. The tent has a footprint that protects the floor of it from the rough and damp ground. This way it also extends the life of the tent many folds.

Two large doors provide easy access. The mesh is thin and keeps you in contact with nature. Imagine lying under the starry night without the bother of insects and mosquitoes while stargazing with your love. Velcro tabs connect fly to pole structure providing perfect pitch and extra stability. The tent has in-built 4 mesh pockets interior and 2 media pockets too.

Product Dimension

Weight – 4lb 8 oz.

Head Height – 42 Inches

Floor Area – 29 Sq. ft

Packed Size – 6X 20 Sq. Inches

Pros and Cons

  • 3 season usage
  • very spacious floor
  • Pole Sleeve Repair Piece Included.
  • Arrangement is bit tricky
  • Zippers a little difficult to manage in some products

User Reviews

Benjamin – We’ve only used it once, but thoroughly enjoyed the tent. We took it camping near the beach – not on the beach – and it was great. Super easy to set up, lightweight, sturdy material. Next time we’ll try it without the rain fly to enjoy the views the screen is bound to provide.

Shelly Robinson – Loved the ease of putting this tent up. It’s a 3 person but 2 twin air mattresses are all that fits in it. That’s fine though. I enjoyed it.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Backpacking 3 Person Tent

Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 Person TentThe star product of Big Agnes. Copper Spur is the award-winning ultralight tents that feature a high volume pole architecture. It creates steeper walls and a more room inside the tent. 2 large zippers have dual functionality. Dual vestibules provide a combined area of 18 square feet for storage. To keep the tent waterproof and sustain the rain it has ultra-durable fly and floor. This beautiful tent is not only pretty but has the strength of the beast. Its hub design increases the strength by 25%. This design, in turn, increases the inner space by 20% more than the previous models under the name of Copper Spur. Want more? Well, it also has storage space in its ceiling. There are 5 interior mesh pockets, 2 media pockets, and 8 super light aluminum J stakes. Two-tone mesh gives you much-needed privacy while you enjoy the starry night.

Product Dimensions

Trail Weight – 3lb 7 oz.

Packed Weight – 3lb 14oz.

Packed Size – 4.5 X 20 Sq. Inches

Head Height – 43 Inches

Floor Area – 41 Sq. ft.

Pros and Cons

  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweight
  • Packaged and storing is easy
  • Complicated Arrangement
  • Bit expensive

User Reviews

Matthew Terrain –  Great tent and just a bit extra room than the 2-person for a nominal increase in weight. Material is suuuuuper thin–obviously to save weight–so be prepared to consider this if you’re looking for something you can beat on or take to festivals. This is for backpacking/camping and at $499 you don’t want to take chances.

Speaking of price…I found this on sale at for $375. I got the tent and the fly (from REI) for less than the amazon price of just the tent.

Karen – You buy the HV UL1 because you are pretty serious about hiking, you are watching weight in your pack for multi-day hikes, and maybe on the large or tall side and need a bit more room in a 1 person tent. If this is you, this tent is probably as good as it gets. Maybe EVER. Expensive yes, but check out the 3rd party outdoor review sites and all the #1 rankings. Very happy with this one. If you are a smaller person, however, you might save both weights and cost with a smaller 1p setup like maybe the Kelty’s.

Big Agnes Big House Deluxe 4 Person Camping Tent

Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Camping Tent Enjoy a family camping with Big Agnes 4 person big house camping tent. It has high volume architecture that provides steep walls and excellent living space. Just like its other variants, this 4 person tent has 2 large smooth -opening doors and windows that you can open and close at your own will. This is a movable deluxe house, feel like a princess yet? Ventilate your tent with the mesh roof and zip-up polyester. The Sidewall pockets can even accommodate iPADs. These stowable bin pockets act as bedside tables practically. Color-coded webbing and buckles make it very easy for the complete setup of the tent. Velcro tabs connect fly to pole structure providing perfect pitch and extra stability.

Product Dimensions

Packed Size – 6x15x27 Inches

Packed weight – 11lbs. 4oz.

Weight – 11 pounds

Pros and Cons

  • Reliable
  • Light
  • Dry
  • Fast and Easy to Set-up or take-down
  • Disappointment for footprints

User Review

J Harper – We took this tent on a cross-country road trip for a month. It was easy and fast for a single person to set up. Super light weight and you can stuff the fly and the tent into their separate pockets without having to finagle with folding or rolling anything. If you choose not to stake the tent for some reason, the door zipper can be a bit difficult. Otherwise, it’s not really any more of a pain than most zipper doors. I do wish I had purchased the footprint instead of using a mismatched tarp we had lying around.

Nicole – And well enough, but the vestibule and the footprint were disappointing. I still had to duck down to get under the vestibule, and the vestibule collapses at the door if you take the rain fly off. I missed the window to send the 10 back, but I am sending the vestibule and the footprint back. Tarps work better for me.

Big Agnes Flying Diamond Family Camping 6 Person Tent


Big Agnes Flying Diamond Family Camping 6 Person TentYou may enjoy some time off the hustle of society. Why not let your family or friends join too? Big Agnes 6 person camping tent allows you to enjoy this wild experience with your loved ones at once. The tent stands tall for all 4 seasons while free-standing as a deluxe car camping or a base camp tent. DAC combination lightweight aluminum poles with press fit connectors give the tent its much-needed strength. The pole ends are color-coded and webbing and buckles make the setting up of this tent pretty easy.

Product Dimensions

Weight – 9.51 Pounds

Shipping Weight – 20.8 Pounds

Height – 27 Inches

Length – 16 Inches

Breadth – 9 Inches

Pros and Cons

  • Waterproof, Solvent-free polyurethane tape
  • Breathable Polyester and Polyester Mesh
  • Polyester Floor
  • Bad Visibility

User Review

Cody – I’ve tried their smaller tents and love this one so far after assembling both the tent and the footprint I ordered separately. I love the size, ease, and quality of the Flying Diamond 6. Very excited to get this out for camping with the family. My only advice to Big Agnes is you need to include your footprint with your tents. No one in their right mind would ever pitch one of your tents without some form of protection between the ground and your super thin/light material on the tent floor. You make a good tent with great materials. Just missing one last piece.

James – Big Agnes has consistently offered great tents. I’m married to a park ranger and, besides his job, we do a lot of camping. This, like our other Big Agnes tents, has proven great at keeping the rain out. It’s easy to set up, BUT you do have to first familiarize yourself with how to set this particular tent up. After the first two times, it was a snap. Color-coded tent poles help.

Alas, when the rain fly is up, you can’t see out at all. I’ve never had a tent-like that before, and I don’t like it. I’m honestly looking into whether there is a custom tent place where we can get a plastic window added. Coupled with this, though quite a rain tight, I also find this to be stuffy. As in, if we forget to pop out the little vents on the rain fly and don’t zip down the door screen covers, I wake up with a headache. So I recommend making sure you don’t forget this!

Big Agnes Deep Creek Bug House Mesh 7 person Tent

Big Agnes Deep Creek Bug House Mesh 7 person tentThis green-colored giant is a medium-sized about 62 sq. ft. We understand that pests irritate the hell out of you while camping. So, when persistent pests and insects start cramping your camp style, attach the large Big Agnes Deep Creek Bug House to your large Deep Creek tarp for breezy, bug-free outdoor living. You can pitch your tent with or without Deep Creek Tarp but requires poles and guylines. There are 2 doors with zipper closures so you get easy access and it also ensures there are no extra critters to get inside. It has 6 aluminum hook stakes and gear loops along the ridge seam. Camp out with your friends and family in Big Agnes Deep Creek Bug House Mesh tent.

Product Dimensions

Weight – 4lbs. 7 oz.

Packaged Weight – 4lbs. 13oz.

Packed Size – 7 x 21 Inches

Length – 149 Inches

Width – 102 Inches

Foot – 77 Inches

Floor Area – 93 Sq. ft

Pros and Cons

  • Solvent-free polyurethane tape
  • Breathable Polyester and Polyester Mesh
  • Polyester Floor
  • The tarp is not included with the set
  • Poles are sold separately

User Review

Miguel Angel De Los Reyes – Took camping on the beach and I love the panoramic view.… Great tent, just invests on heavy-duty spikes and go camping!!!…

Rebecca – I love this tent and was perfect for me, my husband, and our Catahoula (100 lb) pup! The screen room was big enough for 2 anti-gravity chairs and the pup to lie down. The screen bedroom was spacious. I’d say you can put 2 queen beds in there but we had a huge queen bed that was high off the ground, and the pup’s bed next to ours! I’m 5′ 10 and loved the fact I could stand straight up to change.

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person TentAre you mesmerized by the one and only, Big Agnes Staffer’s Steamboat Apartment? Then we present you with a better option of Big Agnes with 8 person accommodation. Big Agnes, Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent is great for full family & relative outings and campings for this summer. They are Everest base camp dining rooms, buttoned up Black Rock City roosts, and Vedauwoo wind refuges. It is the largest tent design present with the Big Agnes. It can be used in all seasons. The two-room condo with plenty of space to stretch out and relax, this tent is just what you want. It is a free-standing, deluxe car camping/ base camp tent. DAC Combination Lightweight Aluminum poles with press-fit connectors are color-coded with webbing and buckles. In short, the setting up of this giant is easy.

Product Dimensions

1500mm Waterproof Polyurethane Coating on the roof.

Trail Weight – 19lbs. 14oz.

Packed Weight – 21lbs. 7oz.

Foot – 8 Inches

Width – 16 Inches

Length – 27 Inches

Floor Area – 112 sq. ft.

Vestibule Area – 35 sq. ft.

Head height – 72 Inches – 54 Inches

Pros and Cons

  • Solvent-free polyurethane tape
  • Breathable Polyester and Polyester Mesh
  • Polyester Floor
  • Very Sturdy
  • Tarp is not included with the set
  • Poles are sold separately

User Review

Nicole – Love our flying diamond! Our last camping trip was on lake MI and for a a week. We were 3 days in and some of the worst storms I had ever seen outside of a tornado that was running next to me on the 401 in 🍁. Anyway this tent took on the storm without a single issue! There were other less formidable tents that crashed and burned under the pressure of the storm! This text rocks. Make sure you buy from a reputable company or you can end up with a repop or returned product.

Big Agnes Product Range

When it comes to the perfect outing, tents and the gears that you require may seem endless. If you are a first-timer it becomes more difficult to isolate what you want for your expedition. Well, Big Agnes has such a huge product line that one may get tired but options won´t halt. Let us get accustomed to the whole product range lest you decide to buy the one for yourself.


Big Agnes has the Carbon Collection that defines some of the lightest weight and technologically advanced material made tents in the market. The poles have incredible strength and stand tall in strong winds. The tents have an extremely strong and dynamic fiber that is both highly tear-resistant as well as fully waterproof. These are specifically designed for adventure lovers and the explorers of wilderness undefined. These tents are lightweight shelters that you might have always wanted o to accompany you on all those expeditions.


When it comes to quality Big Agnes makes sure their customers are well served. The Ultralight tents go through an extensive process of tweaks and tests before they are sanctioned for sale. The final products are taken to the backcountry and are taken through tests of wind, rain. dogs, packing, stuffing, pitching before it is OK Tested. The tents are assured of quality, performance, and redness. So you can rest assured that whatever you get in your package is gonna stand tall and not disappoint you in any front. Featherlite pole system makes it impossible for you to avoid if you are looking for ultralight tents for your venture.

Out of the collection, the Tiger Wall UL mtnGLO tent is for two-door ultralight living. The tent is the best among all with the benefits of the soft, just-enough light of the mtnGLO LED lighting. Copper Spur HV UL4 and Copper Spur HV UL3 are among other best tents.

How to Pitch-up Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Person Tent

Being on top of the cliff and in windy weather makes it very difficult to pitch up any tent. But there are some basic steps that you can take to pitch your tent up. Here we are taking an example of Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Person Tent. Go through the steps given below to arrange and pitch up your tent. We tried the same ideas in the windy, rainy, and sunny atmosphere too. It is safe to say that the tent was easily pitched up and we could be inside the tent in a few minutes.

Step 1:

The first step is to arrange your stuff. At the minimum, you must have your complete Big Agnes Tent Kit and your sleeping bad (probably in waterproof bags).

We tried setting this tent in rain which is the most difficult part. Thus, follow this idea and you can pitch up your tent even in windy, rainy, or normal weather.

First thing first, lay out the footprint that comes with your tent to give your tent the base. Use pegs to secure the footprint on the ground. Our explorer started pegging diagonally. It was easy to control the footprint in heavy winds.

Step 2:

Next, you want to give the structure to your tent. The stix that come with the kit are 12 inches when folded and can be easily arranged. Watch the video below to see the arrangements. You just have to put the color-coded stix in respective color-coded peg parts of the footprint. Adjust the orange ones and white ones respectively.

Now, put up the rain cover first if you are pitching it in rain. Again color-coded ends will help you with the position.

Step 3:

Get inside, its all dry. Pitch up your tent from inside. Attach the center pole inside the tent and on top. Get the color-coded corners of the tent. In the end, hang your tent with the center pole at the roof center.

Step 4:

Use clips and hangers provided on the sides to set up the tent completely. Open the zip door of the mesh and get inside your tent. Leave your waterproof cover of the sleeping bag outside. Lay your sleeping bag inside and you are good to go.

Stuffing/Rolling: Tent Packaging Hack

The explorers love to travel to the wilderness and they need their tents and gears to have comfortable travel. The problem starts when you decide to come back from your expeditions. At the end of every adventure, you are confronted with the inscrutable dilemma: Do you stuff your tent in the backpack, or you fold, do you have to crease it out? Fellow hikers and expeditors would agree with me that everyone has their way. What way is the best? Let’s not start a riot over it. Rather you can simply decide by the method you deem fit for your way. I prefer to roll it, fold the stix in separate cases and pegs in another pouch.

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