Columbia Tents Review 2023 – Buy The Best For Your Next Camping.

Columbia Tents Review

Columbia Tents Review- All the ardent adventurers who love to explore the wild to the fullest will understand that when you are in the wild, the most important thing you need at night is shelter. A shelter provides you safety from extreme weather conditions and some of the wild animals and insects. When we talk about camping and camping gear, one of the few names that come to our mind is Columbia tent. Famous for its strong and waterproof mesh tent cloth, Columbia is one of the most dominant names in this field. Moreover, in the past several years, Columbia tents have been one of the most famous tents among the users.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best tent for you when you have so many good options available. But you don’t have to worry about this. Here we are going to provide you the best review of Columbia tents.

Columbia Tents Review

Columbia is one of the most famous tents among the users as well as the critics. Although Columbia camping tents are critically acclaimed, you must know what is best for you. Here, we are sharing the best Columbia Tents Review so that you have your best camping experience.

1. Pinewood 2 Person Columbia Tents Review

columbia tent 2 person

There are so many types of campers out there. If you are a beginner in camping, the first one on this list is perfect for your needs and requirements. The Columbia Pinewood dome tent for 3 persons is a perfect pick for you as a beginner. It is effortless to set up as it is not very complex. Setting up any tent is the biggest task of camping but not with this tent. It can easily accommodate 2-3 people and can fit one queen-sized air bed, and still has some space left in it. Going camping with your partner or wife is one of the best dates you can have, and this tent will be your perfect partner in it. Also, you can take your pet along as there is enough space inside it. Check out the amazing features of this tent.

Pinewood Columbia 2 Person Tent Features

The best part about this product is its usage. The primary function of any tent is to shelter you when you are camping in the wild or snow weather. This tent fulfills its primary function to a huge extent as this tent is very easy to set up and wrap in the bag. It has utility ports that allow you to store your digital products like mobile and tablets. Also, it comes with other pockets where you can store your other required things. As far as dimensions are concerned, it is 7’×7′, a perfectly significant space for 2 persons. The mesh is of high quality, and as the company claims, it dries up 2-3 times faster than normal mesh.

Also, the rainfly is the biggest plus point of this product as it is responsible for repelling water. The walls are almost straight that makes the tent more spacious from the inside. You can have a perfect view of the sky at night as the windows are comparatively big with strong zippers.

Pros and Cons

  • It is the perfect pick for the beginners.
  • The rainfly repels most of the water from getting inside.
  • It can easily fit 1 queen size air bed.
  • Zippers are strong and move freely.
  • It gives you a broad range to look around because of windows.
  • Fits into everyone’s budget
  • Have to depend only on rainfly in the rain
  • Fiberglass poles are comparatively not good
Columbia Sportswear Pinewood 3 Person Dome Tent...
Two adjustable ground vents draw in cool air keeping you comfortable all season

2. Bugaboo 4 Person Columbia Tents Review

columbia bugaboo tent review

Columbia Bugaboo tents are the synonym for the perfect family tents. Bugaboo tent is counted among the best sellers. Moreover, it is perhaps the best pick for a small family of 4 or 5, as it can easily accommodate up to 5 people. Also, with its simple and sleek design, it is straightforward to install. This tent is maybe just for 4-5 people, but the company says it has a cyclone venting system. A cyclone venting system is the best thing required by any traveler or camper during their outing. Take a look at the features of the Columbia Bugaboo Tents provided by our team after thorough observations.

Bugaboo 4 Person Columbia Tent Features

One of the most significant features of this tent is that 5 people can easily accommodate it. It may look small from the outside, but it is significantly spacious from the inside. It has a height of 74” with a base of 12×9 feet. Whether it is raining outside or camping in the snow, it will prevent water from getting inside. This is because it has a GoBe dry rain protection system. Also, it has a remote-controlled light system as well.

Pros and Cons

  • It is affordable, thus worth for money
  • The tent is very easy to install.
  • Good ventilation because of cyclone venting system
  • It has two storage pockets as well.
  • The fiber is highly water-resistant
  • The quality of fiberglass poles is not that good.
  • Tall people may have problems to get fit inside

3. Mammoth Creek 6 Person Columbia Tents Review

Mammoth columbia tent review

Next on the list is Columbia’s Mammoth Creek tent that is suitable for 6 people. The mammoth creek tent is one of the most sought-after tents by adventurers because of its wide-area inside. If you plan to go camping with your friends, this tent should be your pick for the adventure. The tent is made of high-quality fabric that doesn’t allow water to penetrate through it easily. Take a look at the features for a more detailed understanding.

Mammoth Creek 6 Person Columbia Tent Features

The biggest thing that can ruin your camping experience rain, but you don’t have to worry about carrying this Columbian tent. Rain not only makes the mesh wet and allows water to get inside the tent, but it also refrains you from opening the windows. The mammoth tent comes with pullout windows that give you extra space inside and allow you to open your windows during rain for ventilation. Moreover, this tent has straight walls that increase the space inside the tent. Apart from these specifications, this tent has a height of 72″ and a floor area of 10’×9′. One of the best features is that this model comes in three different sizes.

Pros and Cons

  • The tent has pullout windows to provide ventilation during rain.
  • The fabric dries 3-4 times faster than other fabrics.
  • It comes with tesh that keeps the environment inside cool, even in summers.
  • Straight walls provide more space inside the tent.
  • It has integrated pockets for storage of electronic devices
  • According to a customer, water got deposited on the roof

Belladome columbia tent review4. Belladome Columbia 6 Person Tents Review

Last but not least on the list is another very fine tent is Belladome by Columbia tents. This is very popular among trekkers and go-getters. This tent is super-tough and is highly recommended to those who go camping very frequently. As the name suggests, this tent can fit in with 6 people very easily with their camping gear. This tent has been made to provide you comfort in extreme weather conditions. This is why travelers carry this tent for cold weather, as it provides you warmth in cold weather. Take a quick look at the features of the Columbia 6 person tent.

Belladome Columbia 6 Person Tent Features

Belladome tent weighs around 13 pounds, which is very light as a 6 person tent is concerned. The tent has two doors that properly ventilate the tent from inside. The rainfly is taped for weather protection. Like other Columbia tents, this tent’s mesh is very tough, and this tent is one of the most common among the frequent campers. The walls of the tent are a bit straight to create some extra space inside the tent. The tent is equipped with pockets for storage of things like mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Moreover, the poles are not made of fiberglass, which makes them even stronger and long-lasting. You can easily put 2 air beds inside this tent with some space still left. As discussed previously, the most challenging part of camping is setting up a tent. Well, let’s tell you that this tent is very easy to set up and wrap in its bag. Also, a person 6′ tall can easily stand inside the tent.

Pros and Cons

  • The tent can accommodate 6-7 people very easily.
  • It can hold 2 air beds inside the tent.
  • This tent keeps you warm even in the cold weather.
  • The color combination makes it look very sporty.
  • The zippers are very tough and move very smoothly
  • It doesn’t have any windows
Columbia Belladome 6 Person Tent (Compass Blue,...
Sleeps 6+ gear; Main fly and floor seams taped for weather protection; 3 season livability

5. Columbia 8 Person Dome Tents Review

When you plan to go trekking or camping with your gang, it doesn’t matter it is a hilly terrain or snowy area; Columbia 8 person dome tent is the best pick for you. This tent doesn’t disappoint you in extreme weather conditions. This tent is widely famous among adventure travelers. The cherry on the cake is that this tent can accommodate up to 8-9 people very easily. Also, setting up this tent doesn’t kill much time. Take a look at the features of this one of the most amazing Columbia dome tents.

Columbia 8 Person Dome Tent Features

The floor area of the Columbia dome tent is more than 14’×9′. Don’t you think this feature is very amazing? Also, this amazing tent can hold 2 queen size air mattresses. Like its previous counterpart, this Columbia dome tent is highly water repellent because its Omni shield advanced water repellent technology. Moreover, this tent gets dried up three to five times faster than the untreated fabric. You can use this dome tent in any weather condition as the mesh is of high quality and repels water to the maximum extent. It also has pockets to keep your electronic devices and other things safe. Above all, it also has a partition inside the tent for your privacy if you are sharing the tent with someone else.

Pros and Cons

  • The fabric gets dried up 3-5 times faster than normal untreated fabric.
  • The mesh is highly durable and all weathered.
  • It can accommodate 2 queen beds inside it.
  • Perfect for snowy weather as well
  • Zippers are designed to keep rain outside
  • Water sometimes get inside from the sides

Columbia cougar tent review

6. Columbia Cougar Flats Tents Review

Columbia camping tents have another very significant tent to offer to its users. This tent is ideal for a group of 8 people. One of the best qualities of this tent is that it is very tough. Calling it a mini home would not be wrong as this tent has a divider that creates two rooms inside the whole tent. This tent can easily hold up to 8 people. Next time, whenever you plan to go for fun and adventure, you know which tent to buy. Check down below some amazing features of this tent that our reviewing team noted.

Columbia Cougar Flats Tent Features

When you go out camping or trekking, your biggest concern is the weather. With the Columbia cougar tent, you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. The cougar tent for camping is one of the most popular among the campers. The strong mesh makes it very durable in extreme weather conditions. Like Columbia’s Mammoth Creek tent, it also has pullout windows that allow you to open the windows even during the rain for ventilation.

Moreover, this product’s biggest advantage is that it can easily accommodate 8-9 campers very easily because of its 15’×10′ floor area. Above all, this tent can be divided into two parts as it has a very nice divider for your privacy. It also has pockets to keep your electronic devices. The best thing about Columbia is that they use perfect quality mesh that repels water from getting retained on the fabric. Also, the fabric dries up very quickly as well.

Pros and Cons

  • The fabric is highly water repellent.
  • It has pullout windows for proper ventilation in the rain.
  • This tent is an all-weather tent.
  • It can easily accommodate 8-9 people.
  • Dome shape provides it an extra edge over others
  • Sometimes water gets inside from the sides

7. Pinewood 10 Person Cabin Columbia Tents Review

When you plan to go camping on a budget, Columbia tents’ next product is superhit for you. One of the best things about camping is that it brings you closer to nature and the natural environment. Pinewood Columbia 10 person cabin tent is a big yes for your budget experience to nature. So, this summer, when you will plan to go camping or trekking with your buddies, you should consider buying this tent as your whole gang can fit inside this tent perfectly. Take a look at the features of this product that may attract you to buy this tent.

Pinewood 10 Person Cabin Tent Features

There are so many features why this amazing Columbia tent can attract you. The biggest reason why this tent perfect for you, especially when you are a college or university student, is that it is a budget tent, but it doesn’t mean that it is not good. It measures 16’×12′. Like some of its counterparts, it has 2 pullout windows for proper ventilation, even during rainy weather. Moreover, pullout windows mean you have extra space inside the tent. The side windows are huge for proper ventilation and a nice view. The rain fly prevents water from getting inside.

It has almost straight walls that make it even more spacious inside. About 8-10 people can easily accommodate in the tent. Setting up a tent is very difficult but not with this one. It is effortless to set up this tent and takes very little time to set it up.

Pros and Cons

  • Rainfly is fantastic
  • Easy to set up and wrap it in the bag
  • Can easily fit 2 queen-sized air beds
  • Has a great view of the sky at night
  • Pullout windows allow great ventilation during rain
  • Almost straight walls make it more spacious
  • Rainfly is the only way to stop the rain
  • Gets quite hot in direct sunlight, requires shade

What Is The Best Tent For You?

There are hundreds of tents available in the market today. Before buying any tent for your next trip, you must know your requirements and why you need a tent. We will try to help you choose why do you need a tent in the subsequent section.

Know Your Company

The first question that comes to mind while buying the tent that comes to the mind is how big the tent should be? You must know how many people are accompanying you on your next camping trip. This is the biggest factor that determines our choice. If you are going camping in a group of 5-6 people, you have to buy a tent that can accommodate 6 people easily or a tent that can fit in 2 air beds.

Know The Weather of Your Destination

This is another important thing to consider before buying a new tent. You must know the climate conditions of the place where you are going. Going camping is a unique experience, but it can get ruined by the weather. Rain can make your camping experience a pathetic one. So, if you plan to go somewhere that is famous for rain or plan to camp in a snowy place, you must buy a tent with a water-repellent mesh or that doesn’t allow water to get inside the tent. These tent s are the most pathetic experience that can happen in your entire life.

Know Your Budget

Perhaps the most important thing that is required to buy a tent is money. Camping experiences are some of the best experiences that we have in our entire lifetime. But spending too much on a tent is not good if you are a student when you have to manage your finances in the crunch. You must research the tents available in the market that are within your budget and meet your requirements.

How To Set Up A Tent?

After getting the tent of your requirement, the first thing that you would need to know is how to set your tent. It is not easy to set up a tent, but it’s neither too difficult. There are many online tutorials available from where you can learn how to set up a tent. The simplest thing that you can do is to go through properly the guidelines given by the manufacturer. Apart from these, some basic things that you have to keep in mind while setting up your tent are as follows-

  • The basic thing before setting up a tent is finding a plain surface. A plain surface is essential for setting up a tent to maintain the tent’s symmetry and stability. Moreover, a plain surface is also required for proper sleep.
  • The next thing you require is a tent floor. A proper tent floor is required to stop the moisture from getting inside the tent. This will increase the life of your tent.
  • Take assistance from someone who is more experienced in setting up a tent. It is always good to do a new thing with someone’s assistance as it reduces the chances of damage. Also, it is a bit difficult to set up a tent all on your own.

FAQs on Columbia Tents

What is the best tent for camping?

There are some of the most amazing tents available in the market today. It is difficult to select one single tent because everybody’s needs are different. What good for one may not be good for some other. But there are a few things that every good tent should have. A good tent should have a waterproof and proper ventilation system.

How can I sleep in the tent comfortably?

The best way to sleep inside a tent comfortably is to get an air bed. An air bed is very comfortable and can fit in your tent very easily. Moreover, before setting up your tent, you must find a clean and plain surface to properly install a tent. Also, a plain surface provides stability and symmetry to the tent, which eventually helps you sleep properly.

How to heat a tent without an electric heater?

The nights get very cold when you stay in the woods during camping. Many tents retain warmth inside them, but there are many options if you require more heat. You can take an electronic blanket with you; you can use heated stones or hot water bottles to increase the tent’s temperature. Also, you can set up your tent over the bonfire after the fire dies.

Do I need a footprint for my tent?

Broadly speaking, you don’t need a footprint for your tent. But there are some circumstances when you require to use a footprint in your tent. For instance, in the rainy weather, a footprint acts as a savior in preventing moisture from getting inside. If you are compelled to set up your tent on a rough surface, a footprint helps make the surface smooth.


Camping is one of the most interesting and fun activities that we do. Everybody loves to go out and explore nature. Perhaps it is the biggest camping factor that those who camp or trek more are closer to nature. Who doesn’t like to sit under the sky of stars for hours with a bonfire? This is something that can’t be expressed in words. To enjoy all these fun-loving experiences away from the hush of city life, you need a tent. Columbia tents are one of the finest options for a great number of versatile tents. You just need to know what your requirements are.

That was the list, all the campers. We hope that you liked it. Our dedicated team of hardworking individuals will keep bringing stuff like this to make your camping experience even better and hassle-free. You can appreciate our effort by subscribing to us at Till then, be safe and keep enjoying your expeditions. We will look forward to you.

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