How To Set Up A Tent : Tent Pitching Tips And Guide (October 2020)

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Setting up a tent can be a difficult task especially for those who are new to camping and hiking and don’t know how to set up a tent. The tent is an essential camping gear that harbor or shelters you when there is snowfall or heavy rainfall.

Imagine camping on the dark hill and you have to spend the whole night outside in the chilling breeze. That’s when you realize the necessity of setting up a tent.

Proper setting up of tent can make your camping experience a great while if you are unable to set up a tent that might ruin your camping experience and you might not step out of your home for another excursion.

Before you plan for outdoor camping, proper knowledge of pitching up a tent can be an asset. Once you get familiar with the skills of pitching up the tent, you will find camping a great recreational source.

Ease of tent and of course, breaking down is one of the essential things to look at when it comes to the tent. No matter whether you are a novice or an avid traveler, setting up the tent can either make your day or break your day – especially when it is downpouring and you will be all drenched in the rain. For that reason, it is always recommended to practice before you actually go out on a camping trip. Below, we have provided you with every bit of important information that will let you know how to set up a tent with ease. And what are the things you will need to carry along?

Things Required To Set Up Your Tent

Carrying the camping essentials gears is one of the most important parts of your camping plan. Once you know what are the things to carry before camping, the camping will become more enthusiastic and exciting.

Don’t worry, whether you are a beginner who is setting up the tent for the first time or a pro who knows all in and out of camping, we have you covered. Check out the section of Important things that a camper needs to carry along with himself:

  • Tent

  • Tent stakes

  • Tent poles

  • Tent fly

  • Tarpaulin

Apart from this, there are many other things that are worth the investment. These things or parts adds more to your convenience while pitching the tent. This includes mallet that can be used to dig the tent stakes in the ground and while disassembling the tent, the mallets can be used to remove the tent stokes and that’s something you must carry along with yourself.

Tent Setup Guide Step By Step

how to set up a tent

Some people might find setting the tent a monotonous task and nobody really loves to spend hours to pitch the tent. But tent set up is definitely crucial if you don’t want to ruin your camping experience.

If you are new to camping or hiking stuff, you might find it tedious to set up the tent. This is when our definite procedure to pitch the tent comes extremely handy in this situation. Our step by step guide to setting up the tent will definitely go a long way to help you. So, embrace yourselves and dive into our section where you will get an insight into how to set up the tent.

Carry-All the parts of Tents

Before you proceed on your journey, make sure that you carry all the parts of tents with you. There is nothing worse than opening your tent and finding out some parts are missing. This will certainly ruin your camping experience.

Spotting The Campside

After you get confirmed with the fact that no part of the tent is missing, the next step is to find the perfect spot for your ground. Make sure that you access all the factors like ground, sun, weather, wind. Choosing the spot will definitely influence your experience of camping.

Make sure that the ground is flat and no stone or tree roots don’t scatter there. Stay away from the area where the animals dominate. Besides, we recommend you to choose a spot that has a mesmerizing view of hills, greenery.

Take out your Tent

Once you are done with choosing the campsite, take out your tent and all the essentials gear. Do this step very carefully since the parts of the tent can easily be damaged and lost in the ground. So, before you take out the tent, place the trap on the ground and keep your tent essentials on the plastic laid on the ground.

Connect your tent poles

The next step that forms the structure of the tent is the poles. What you need to do is connect the poles with the sections attached to the tent. Most tents have two poles that cross each other to form X. You have to connect the poles by inserting the poles into the small fraps.

If you come across any sort of problem, read the directions and instructions given and if the problem still persists, you can give a close look to the tent to evaluate how to fit the poles.

Raise The Tent

Once you connect the poles correctly, the tent will raise and if you feel any sort of stress, remember there is some part of the tent that needs to be fixed. After you fix the things, the tent will be equally raised from all the sides. Once you do all these things correctly, check the position of the tent is as per your preferences. We advise you to place the tent away from the wind.

Put the Stakes on the ground

The next step is to attach the corner of the tent with the stakes. You can hammer the stakes to dig the stakes inside the ground. Once you dig the stakes in the ground, connect the stakes with the tent clip. Be careful as do it because some stakes gets easing bend with the small push.

Attach the rain fly

Some tents come with rain fly. If you have a rainfly, make sure to attach it. The rain fly gives an additional layer of protection in case if it rains or drizzles. So, make sure to attach the rain fly. If you are unaware of the procedure to set up the rainfly, you can always read the instructions and directions to easily and accurately set up a rainfly.

Do This Before You Go

The real struggle starts when you step out on the journey. But this “struggle” won’t seem too hard if you know beforehand the procedure to set up the tent. We know, setting up a tent is not as easy as it seems. So, before you venture out on your journey, make sure you do the following things that will make this arduous task into a simpler one.

Read The User’s Manual

Before you start pitching the tent, go through the user’s manual. The instructions and the directions will definitely help you in easily setting up the tent. So, Don’t fool yourselves that you know every important aspect of setting the tent. The struggle will longer seem hard once you go through all the instructions and guidance.

Practice Setting the Tent

Practice makes the man perfect. Practicing before you go on camping can be much beneficial for you. You get familiar with all the parts of the tents and how to put them in their respective positions.

Find the best place where you can easily set up your tent. A garden or backyard can be your perfect companion. The frequent pitching of the tent will definitely make you strong when it comes to real-life struggle.

Take your time

Setting the tent can’t be done in a second. It takes hours and hours to perfectly set the tent especially when you are new camping stuff. But whatever you do, make sure that everything is perfectly placed and there are no loopholes. Make sure that the stakes are properly dug into the ground and the poles are well connected to the Fraps.

Tips To Set up your Tents Easily

When you have arrived at your camping destination, these tips to set up a tent will save your day and you will have a great camping experience.

Clean the surface

If you have chosen your campsite, make sure that there are no broken branches or stones on the surface that will affect your tent. In addition to this, the surface must be comfortable to give a peaceful sleep. The rugged or uneven surface will ruin your sleep.

Pitch Your Tent in Daylight

Make sure that you pitch the tent in the broad daylight. If you are an amateur, you must set up the tent under the sunlight. This will save a lot of your time and you can perfectly do it as compared to when done in the night.

The components of tents have a lesser probability of being lost in the sunlight while during the night, it will be very hard to find the stakes once lost.

Check the weather

Before you start setting the tent, make sure to check the weather. Wind, rain, and sun can either ruin your camping experience or make your day and all this depends upon.

Waking up to the sunlight can save the day. So, choose the campsite that catches the sunlight. We also advise you to stay away from the wind.

Water Availability

The camping spot is best when you have water availability that is not too close or not too far. If the water availability is too close to your tent, the unexpected rain can carry or water can blow away your tent.

While, If the water availability is too far, you will have to walk some miles to quench your thirst and that becomes a problem during the night.

Avoid Hilly Areas

Setting up your tent in the hilly areas can be a threat to your life. Camping on hilly areas seems exciting especially to the new campers but it is really dangerous. So, you must avoid making a tent on the hilly areas whether the slopes are high or low.

There are higher chances of rainfall and you might find yourself surrounded by water, the next morning you wake up or even during the sleep at night.

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