14 Best Large Family Tents For Camping In 2023

Large Camping Tent For Family

By now, you would have known that the camping tents come in different shapes, sizes and of course, features. Some tents are only designed for the solo camping trip, and on the other hand, there are tents are designed to accommodate a bunch of people – up to 8 people or 10 people or even more. So, if you have been looking for a large family camping tent, below, we have handpicked 10 best large family tent that is even affordable.

We set out on a camping trip with our closed group that usually consists of 2-3 people most of the time. While other times, we want to rekindle our love for the wilderness with a bigger group or usually with our family. For that reason, we need accommodation that can shelter each one of us and provide every bit of comfort we seek. Well, if you have just decided this go on a trip with your family, a family camping tent is what can save you from those absurdly priced hotel rooms. Of course, you can always choose to carry multiple tents, but would it really feel like camping when the campers are supposed to stay with each other? A family camping tent will offer you enough space to house a more significant number of people at one time. For that reason, we have compiled the list of the best family camping tent you can choose to buy before departing out on a camping trip.

Benefits Of A Large Family Tent

No matter how many people are accompanying you, carrying a large family camping tent is always a good idea. Check out some of the benefits of a large family tent.

  • Plenty of storage – The best thing about family camping tents is that these tents provide plenty of storage space to house, several people. Whether you are going out with four people or ten people, you won’t have to worry about their accommodation. Besides this, these tents can easily fit at least two or three queen-sized mattresses to let them relax. On the other hand, you get plenty of internal storage to keep your additional gears in an organized way. So, space never turns out to be an issue in your camping expedition.
  • Privacy – For your kids, when they want their own room, these family tents don’t disappoint them. The big family tents for camping offer them their own privacy for two families traveling together. These tents let you separate the entire area into two or three different rooms, and some of them even feature separate entry and exit to not disturb the sleeping people in other rooms. There always remains flexibility of privacy, and you can enjoy your own privacy or solitude.
  • Ventilation – The presence of many windows inside the tent allows the good flow of air, and the presence of ground vents lets the hot air escape. That’s why the process of ventilation is always good in big family tents. Proper ventilation is essential when you have a large group of people camping together. The mesh windows ensure that you have adequate air circulation inside the tent.
  • Durable – Large Camping Tents are designed and constructed using high-quality material, and for that reason, they are relatively stable. They will stick by your side for over the years and still make your camping trip more fun. These tents are so durable that they can withstand any weather, whether it’s rainy or stormy. The best part about these tents is that they are relatively easy to set up. Since the poles come pre-attached, you can unpack and lay it down to set it up in under two minutes.

Best Camping Tent For Families

1. Ozark Trail 20′ x 10′ Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent for 12 Persons 

Ozark Trail 12 person tent

When it comes to quality and sturdy tents, Ozark remains at the forefront. Ozark Trail 20′ x 10′ Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent for 12 Persons is one of the best family camping tents. Featuring a center height of 80”, this tent offers plenty of space to accommodate 12 persons.
This big tent for camping can easily fit four queen-sized mattresses, and that’s not all. Pre-attached poles in the tent make it relatively easy to pitch in, and it does not matter when you arrive at your campsite; you are sure not to face any sort of complications. This tent for family comes with two-room dividers so you can respect each other’s privacy and spend some alone time. The high-quality stakes, made with steel, make it perfect for any weather.


Product Features

Check out some of the impressive features of Ozark Trail 20′ x 10′ Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent for 12 Persons:

  • It can easily accommodate 12 persons.
  • Easy to set up because poles come pre-attached to the tent.
  • 2 room dividers that are detachable to respect privacy.
  • It can easily fit 4 queen-sized beds.
Ozark Trail 20' x 10' Dark Rest Instant Cabin...
Skylight with ceiling panels; Includes rainfly with factory sealed seams

2. Core Equipment 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent 18×10

Large Family Tent

Featuring an 18’ x 10’ floor, the family camping tent can easily shelter 12 persons along with your “too-much camping gears.” With a center height of 80″, you don’t have to bend to pass through the gates and trust me, that’s a big relief for the people with great height. Along with that, if you are wondering about a quick set up, setting up this big family tent is no hassle since the poles come pre-attached. Featuring a two removable room divider, the tent can be separated into three significant sections, and each member can have its own privacy. The tent has two different entryways. You can either enter from a T-shaped door or a side door.

Product Features

Below, we have listed some fantastic features that convinced us to put this tent into our list of the best family camping tents.

  • The tent is relatively easy to set up. You can easily set up this tent in less than two minutes.
  • Coming to the ventilation, Large vents attract the cold air and let the hot air pass through it.
  • Featuring H20 Block technology, the tent’s fabric does not let the water and moisture seep inside the tent.
  • The tent comes with a removable rainfly to let you gaze at an influx of stars under the unmistakable skyline.
  • This large family camping tent also brags about the electrical cord.
CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 18' x 10' …-...
Instant 2 minute Setup; Sleeps 12 people; Fits 3 queen air mattresses; Center Height: 80"; CORE H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vent

3. Ozark Trail 15-Person 3 Room Split Plan Instant Cabin

Large Family Tent

Ozark Trail 15-Person 3 Room Split Plan Instant Cabin is one of those spacious family tents out there. This tent comes with an 84-inch ceiling height, which gives people enough space to stand straight. Well, since this is an instant tent, it can be easily set up in less than two minutes. All you have to do is unpack, unfold and lay down the tent to let it take its shape. This tent comes with an additional awning to keep your space dry and protected. Talking about the area, the tent offers incredible space, and you can house up to 15 persons in this tent. Yes, that’s how big this tent is. Featuring 6 mesh windows, this tent ensures a good flow of air inside the tent. Definitely, ventilation is not a big deal in this large camping tent for the family.

Product Features

Check out the features of the Ozark Trail 15-Person 3 Room Split Plan Instant Cabin Tent.

  • Advanced setup. Thanks to the pre-attached poles.
  • 6 mesh windows provide you with good ventilation.
  • The tent comes with an additional awning.
  • It can be converted into three separate sections.
  • Multiple internal pockets to keep your stuff organized.
Ozark Trail 15-Person 3 Room Split Plan Instant...
Sets up in under 2 minutes - No assembly required: poles are pre-attached to tent; Includes rainfly with factory sealed seams

4. Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin  9-Person Large Family Tent

Large Family Tent

Don’t let the darkness spoil your fun. Let the party go on with Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin  9-Person Tent that features built-in LED lights and fans. This giant tent for family features WeatherTec Technology, which means that it will stand no chance against this tent even if it rains. The hassle-free setup of this tent is one reason we have included this tent into our list of the best tents for the family. The huge space it provides can cater to the need of 9 persons, where the campers can relax and calm down their bodies for the next day’s hiking. Six oversized windows are a great fit for the enhanced ventilation and those seeking beautiful landscapes.

Product Features

When it comes down to the features, this huge family tent does not disappoint at all. Below we have mentioned down some amazing features that this tent brags about:

  • The tent features 7 feet at center height and easily fits 2 queen-sized mattresses.
  • Featuring WeatherTec Technology, the tent does not let water peep inside the space.
  • Great LED lighting inside the tent alongside an integrated fan for hot days.
  • Quite easy to set up.
  • The tent has other amenities like storage pockets, six windows for a panoramic view, and E-port for electrical power.
Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent,...
9-person cabin tent makes you feel at home with built-in LED lighting and fan system; WeatherTec system and rainfly keep tent interior dry and comfortable

5. Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Vacation Large Tent

Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 room cabin tent

Featuring dimensions of 20×10, the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Vacation Tent provides ample space to your whole group where they can also keep their camping gears. The big family tent comes with room dividers that divide the whole area into sections for those people who want privacy. So, there is always flexibility of privacy. The tent features a mesh roof and windows for a great ventilation system. The mesh roof lets you gaze at stars, and if you think that it is going to rain soon, you can also cover the roof with a waterproof rainfly. This family camp tent can easily fit 10 people and fit three queen-sized mattresses.


Product Features

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Vacation Tent is one of the best tents that you can always consider buying. Check out what makes this tent stand out from the crowd.

  • The tent features a canopy that offers you shade on a sunny day.
  • 7 windows offer enhanced ventilation.
  • The tent comes with a mud mat that prevents your tent’s interior space from getting filthy and wet.
  • Featuring a shoe pocket, you can easily keep your shoe that is already drenched in dirt or mud.
Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Cabin Tent w/ Front...
Tent Type: Cabin/family Tents; Shipping Weight (in pounds): 32.1; Primary Color: Red; Product in Inches (L x W x H): 12x 12 x 28

6. Bushnell Shield Series 9 Person 15×9 Instant Cabin Tent

Bushnell Shield Series 9 Person 15×9 Instant Cabin Tent

Laced with Heatshield technology, this tent features a special reflecting coating beneath the rainfly to protect you against the high UV rays of the sun on a bright day. Along with this, the tent comes with weather shield technology that can withstand the heaviest of downpours. Talking about the setup, this giant family tent can be set up in less than 60 seconds and all thanks to its patented setup technology. This tent comes with internal storage pockets where you can keep your additional stuff well organized.

Product Features

  • This tent provides ample space to shelter 9 campers at one time.
  • The tent features 7 windows for good and continuous airflow.
  • Featuring Heat Shield Technology, the tent is capable enough to reflect the sun’s UV rays.
  • The tent comes with 22 metal stakes, made of steel for withstanding any sort of weather.

7. Wenzel Klondike 8 Person 16×11 Large Camping Tent

Wenzel Klondike 8 persons Tent

Wenzel Klondike 8 Person 16×11 Large Camping Tent is one of the most versatile tents for those families that don’t need enough space. This tent features 98 square feet of space and can easily house up to 9 people. With a center height of 6’5 inches, you won’t have to face any sort of complications while standing straight inside the tent. The amazing family camping tent comes with a screen room where you can savor the delights of weather while having a bit of Gibble-gabble among yourself. The tent comes with two windows that let the breeze inside the tent for ventilation.

Product Features

Check out some of the amazing features of Wenzel Klondike 8 Person 16×11 Large Camping Tent –

  • Center height at 78 feet means the tallest person in your group can stand straight.
  • The tent can easily house 9 campers.
  • The main room with 98 square feet, and the screen room comes with 60 square feet.
  • Features 6 windows for good ventilation.
Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent, Blue
Convertible screen room with inverted "T" style door and inside flap zippered windows; Removable seam-sealed fly

8. Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person 17×10 Camping Tent

Coleman has become one of the best purveyors of camping tents in the industry. This family tent from Coleman can accommodate 8 people and provide enough space to keep their camping gear. Laced with a WeatherTec System, the tent makes sure that your space remains dry always. Also, the tent features some color code that lets the campers steadily pitch their tent for the tent’s fast pitching. For those campers who wish to have their own privacy, the room dividers separate the whole area into three different rooms.

Product Features

Below, we have listed down some of the most impressive specifications of this huge family camping tent –

  • The tent measures 17×10 dimensions that provide ample space for the campers.
  • This tent from Coleman is quite easy to set since the color-coded thing does a really great job.
  • Waterproof flooring and waterproof rainfly do not let your interior get wet.
Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car...
Camping tent with spacious design offers enough room for 8 people to sleep comfortably; Included dividers let you create 3 separate rooms for privacy

9. Ozark Trail 12-Person 20×18 Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Ozark Trail 12 Persons 3 room instant cabin tent

This large family camping tent can be set up in less than two minutes, featuring a cabin-style tent. The best thing about this family tent is that it provides ample space for your family or friends alongside their camping gear. The tent is capable enough to accommodate 12 persons at a time. Since the poles come pre-attached to the tents, you can set up this tent in a jiffy. The tent features three separate rooms where you can access the outdoor area, while 8 large widows are crafted to offer you a panoramic view and a good flow of air. For additional storage, the large tent for the family comes with six internal pockets.


Product Features

Go through our section of Ozark Trail 12-Person 20×18 Instant Cabin Tent features where we have mentioned in brief some of the outstanding features of this tent:

  • The tent can be divided into three rooms, and each room has its own door for entry and exit.
  • This tent can easily fit 3 queen-sized mattresses where the campers can calm down their bodies.
  • This family Tent from Ozark also features an electrical access cord.
  • The presence of multiple ground vents enhances the process of ventilation.

10. Ozark Trail 11 Person 17×15 Instant Hexagon Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Hexagon Cabin Tent

This Ozark Trail 11 Person 17×15 Instant Hexagon Cabin Tent features an advanced setup technique that lets the campers set up this tent in less than 2 minutes. Featuring the dimension of 17×15, this tent offers ample space to campers and easily accommodates 11 people, or you can fit 2 queen-sized mattresses inside this tent. Well, the shape of this tent is uncommon and different from the rest of the tents. Featuring a porched area, the tent makes sure that you keep your tent’s interior space dry and clean. This large family tent also comes with an e-port giving electric access to all your devices.

Product Features

  • The tent features 2 doors – 1 in front and 1 in the backside of the tent.
  • Since this is an instant tent, so the setup is speedy.
  • The tent comes with extra-large windows and vents for a good flow of air inside the tent.

11. CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

This 9 Person Camping Tent from Core is one of the best camping tents for a large family. This camping tent is intricately designed and looks quite appealing, and comes in different colorways to take your pick from. Designed using PU Coated fabric, this camping tent is water-resistant and ensures your safety while heavily raining outside. Once you set up this tent, you get generous living space to accommodate 9 campers with ease, and it easily fits 3 queen-sized mattresses so that you can stretch your body. This tent has a great center height center so that you can move inside this tent freely and comfortably carry out all the standing tasks without hitting your head on the top. The tent comes with a lantern hook, which adds more to your convenience, and you can light up your tent to continue the party and play some fun games. Take a look at the features and specifications of this tent:

Product Features

  • This tent features H2O Block Technology to prevent water entry inside the tent.
  • Ground vents circulate the air inside the tent for improved breathability.
  • You get multiple pockets to keep your important gears organized and save some interior space.
  • There is electrical cord access to power your devices.
  • This tent can easily accommodate 9 campers with ease.
CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent - 16' x 9'
Sleeps 9 people; Fits three queen air mattresses; Center Height: 72 inches; Electrical cord access port (port is fully closable when not in use)

12. Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

Redefine your camping experience with this extraordinary, enormous Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent. Experience the comfort of home with this large family camping tent that can accommodate 16 person at a time with ease. This incredibly giant tent has 7 feet of center height which means, you can stand upright by bumping your head at the top and moving inside the tent comfortably. The tent is quite easy to set up and involves no hassle. You can actually spend time enjoying instead of pitching your tent. This tent’s weather-fabric design is sure to keep you protected no matter how extreme the weather is. For breathability, this tent has plenty of windows to draw cool air, and there are floor vents that also improve air circulation. So, if you are considering venturing into the wilderness, this large camping tent will exceed all your expectations and deliver outstanding performance. Check out the features and specifications of this tent:

Product Features

  • Huge interior space to accommodate 16 person with ease.
  • You get 7 feet center height to carry out all the playing activities inside the tent.
  • Set up is quite smooth as the breeze and can be instantly set up.
  • Windows and floor vent and a mesh roof enhance ventilation inside the tent.

13. NTK Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person

NTK Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person

For the ultimate camping experience with your friends and family, NTK Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person will be just the right pick. This camping tent from NTK is super spacious enough to accommodate 12 person and durable enough to withstand the assault of natural elements. In fact, this tent has all the bells and whistles and is feature-loaded to offer you every bit of comfort. Well, the manufacturer has also considered the “privacy” factor while crafting this tent. In case you are traveling with a family or a couple, there is a room divider that lets you create a separate room for them. Thus, the added flexibility of creating rooms on demand is worth mentioning here. 3 windows enhance the air circulation while offering you great outdoor views. The tent comes with 2 rooms, so you don’t have to crawl over others to exit from the tent. Check out the features of this large family camping tent.

Product Features

  • There is a room divider to create separate living rooms.
  • 2 doors for easy entry and exit from the tent.
  • The tent is sturdily built and durable to withstand anything it encounters.
  • It can accommodate a group of 12 campers with ease.
  • Mosquito mesh prevents the entry of bugs and improves air circulation.

14. Wenzel Magnetic Screen House, Magnetic Screen Shelter for Camping, Travel, Picnics, Tailgating, and More

If you are fond of camping, you can choose Wenzel Magnetic Screen House tents. As summers are approaching, kids in your house might want to go for picnic. This tent is also best suited for the summer picnics. Suppose there is heat outside, you can easily place picnic table inside the tent because of its large space. Quality of the tent is good. It can be easily setup. You will not require more than 2 people to set up this large tent. It will only 4 to 5 minutes in setup. In the night, you can easily sleep in this tent. Also you can sleep in your cozy sleeping bags as there is plenty of space inside it. If you want to reconnect with outdoors, this tent can give you a lifetime experience of exploring. So, let’s go camping with Wenzel Magnetic Screen house tent.

SpecificationsTent Floor: 11 FT x 9 FT, Inside Area: 99 SQ FT, Peak Height: 90 inches, Packed Weight: 17 lbs 7 oz, Packed Size: 26.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches, Material: 68D Polyester Taffeta and 68D Mesh, 2 Doors

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Large Family Tents – Buying Guide

While you might hardly be able to notice any sort of difference in the tents but trust me, there are a bunch of them. If you have convinced yourself to get a new camping tent, you are supposed to consider many variables. For that reason, we have listed some tips and things that you always have to consider while buying a new tent. Check out our buying guide to large family tents that will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying a new tent.

  • Height – The first thing that you should be considering is the center height of the tent. While camping is meant to roam freely, and what if you can’t even stand straight inside your tent? Well, that’s something you don’t want. For this, always consider the center height of the tent, and well, it should be higher than the tallest person in your group so that neither of you has any sort of trouble passing through the tent. A large tent will offer you a fantastic experience by not letting you bend every time you wish to come out of the tent.
  • Tent Doors – The next thing you need to look at before buying large family camping tents is how many doors are there and how they are placed. The improper positioning of the door might dampen your camping experience. Also, many tents come with more than a single door for a separate room. The hinged doors are considered ideal for the camping tent since they enhance the ventilation process and effortlessly let you come out of the tent.
  • Ventilation – Like any other thing, you want to ensure that your tent has proper ventilation. For this, you need to look at the number of windows that your tent features, along with the ground vents. The presence of multiple windows and ground vents will enhance the ventilation process. If your tent is short on mesh windows, it means that the airflow would not be better enough for campers, and you will feel a bit of congestion inside the tent.
  • Rainfly – Most of the big and large family tents come with a rainfly. When you feel like it will rain, a rainfly is the only escape that will not let you drenched.  Rainfly does not let the water peep inside the tent, making your tent dry and clean. So, make sure that your tent has a rainfly, and if it does not come with your tent, you can buy it separately. Remember, a rainfly is a must when you know the weather can take an extreme turn.

FAQs about Best Tents

After using room dividers in Ozark Trail 20′ x 10′ Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent, how big is each room?

The rooms measure about 6.7’x 3.4′ each. If you were to take down one room divider, then one room would be 13.4’x 6.8′, and the other would remain 6.7’x3.4.

Does Ozark Trail 15-Person 3 Room Split Plan Instant Cabin the outside doors have screens?

Yes, the doors have a screen.

Does Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin  9-Person Large Family Tent has a hinged door?

No, it doesn’t.

How do the room dividers attach to the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Vacation Large Tent? Is it a fixed divider that zips down the middle or uses hooks?

There are 4 hooks-one in each corner that attaches to the tent.

How many doors does Bushnell Shield Series 9 Person 15×9 Instant Cabin Tent have?

It has two doors – one on the short end (under the awning) and the other on the long side, next to the awning. 

How to heat a tent without an electric heater?

The nights get very cold when you stay in the woods during camping. Many tents retain warmth inside them, but there are many options if you require more heat. You can take an electronic blanket with you; you can use heated stones or hot water bottles to increase the tent’s temperature. Also, you can set up your tent over the bonfire after the fire dies.

How can I sleep in the tent comfortably?

The best way to sleep inside a tent comfortably is to get an air bed. An air bed is very comfortable and can easily fit in your tent. Moreover, before setting up your tent, you must find a clean and plain surface to install a tent properly. Also, a plain surface provides stability and symmetry to the tent, which eventually helps you sleep properly.

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