Northwest Territory Tents Review 2020 (October)- Choose The Best Tent For You

Northwest Territory Tents

Northwest Territory Tents Review- One of the most fun-loving and adventurous things to do is camping. One of the best things that camping does is that it brings you closer to nature. Camping creates happiness and joy in the minds of people, especially the kids. The most important things for camping are a good company and a good camping tent. So, having a good camping tent is the most important thing to have. Speaking of good tents, Northwest Territory Tents is one of the few names that come in our mind. With their excellent and superior quality tents, they are popular among travelers and campers.

Northwest makes very reliable tents. Take an in-depth Northwest Territory Tents Review to have a better understanding of the tents. So, before buying the next tent for yourself, take a look below to choose which Northwest Territory Tents are best for you.

Northwest Territory Tents Review

From the adventurers to trekkers, this brand is very famous among all types of travelers. Also, people going to cold and snowy areas prefer to carry Northwest Territory tents. The company has designed these tents for different numbers of travelers. Check out the reviews of some of the best tents by Northwest Territory Tents.

1. 2 Person River’s Edge by Northwest Territory Tents Review

northwest territory tents reviewThe first in the list is the 2 person tent for campers by Northwest. Either you are going on a solo trip or going on camping on a date with your special one, this tent is a perfect puck for you. This tent gives you a cozy atmosphere to spend time with your loved one near a lake and under the sky full of stars. What can be a better idea to spend quality time with your wife or girlfriend? And if you are a solo traveler and love to explore nature and its beauty, you will gonna love this tent.

2 Person River’s Edge by NorthWest Territory Tents Features

With an area of approximately 49 sq. ft., this tent is widely popular among all types of solo and couple travelers. This tent has a very good ventilation system as compared to other tents of similar variants. This is because of the door-window and the top panel that this tent has. The peak height is 49″ which is significantly a very nice height for a 2 person tent. A person 6′ tall can easily change clothes inside the tent. Also, this tent has pockets to keep your essential things. The color combination and the rainfly compliments each other.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a good ventilation system
  • 2 people can easily accommodate
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • 1 person can easily set up this tent
  • Fits in your budget
  • You may require some extra stakes

2. Northwoods 6 Person NorthWest Tent Review

northwest territory tents reviewAre you planning camping with your family or friends and looking for a new tent? Then you are in the right place because this tent has got everything that you will require to have on a camp. 6 people can comfortably sleep in this tent. So, next time when you plan to go camping, you should not miss considering this tent for camping. The dome of the tent provides some extra space inside the tent.

Northwoods 6 Person NorthWest Tent Features

The best part about this family tent is that it is very easy to set up. A single person can also set up this tent but 2 people can easily assemble it. Northwoods is a dome tent that creates more space inside the tent. The tent is spacious and has a nice height as well. Usually, tall people find it difficult to fit in the tents but not with this tent. Also, the mesh is of very nice quality. Rainfly looks amazing and is perhaps the best thing in the whole tent. Apart from these, the tent has pockets to keep your electronic devices and other important things. The cherry on the cake is that it is not much expensive.

Pros and Cons

  • It can accommodate upto 6 people
  • Installation is very easy
  • It has good ventilation system
  • Mesh quality is very nice
  • Zippers are smooth but strong
  • Extra stakes are required for more strength
  • Water may get inside

3. Eagle River 8 Person by NorthWest Territory Tents Review

northwest territory tents review 2020Another very significant product from NorthWest Tents is the Eagle River tent that easily accommodates 8 people. If you are planning to go camping with your buddies, then you must consider this product as this one is made for you. Also, another reason why you may want to consider this tent is that it is not much expensive. So, if you are in a college or university, then it is perhaps the best pick for you. Take a look at the features of this tent.

Eagle River 8 Person NorthWest Tent Features

When it comes to a big spacious tent, the Eagle River tent by NorthWest will not disappoint you. Starting with setting up this tent, it is very easy to set up this tent. Moreover, 2 people can easily set up this tent. Usually, tall people find it difficult to reside in tents, but they can easily accommodate this tent and can even change clothes very comfortably. This tent also has windows for proper ventilation and light.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a good ventilation system
  • Easy setup and takedown process
  • Tall people can accommodate easily
  • This tent is super spacious
  • About 8 people can easily sleep
  • You may require some extra stakes
  • This tent is for summer and springs

4. Northwest Territory 10 ft. Screenhouse Review

Last but not least in the list is the Screenhouse by NorthWest Territory. This is one of the most looked after NorthWest Territory Tents because of its uniqueness. This tent is your perfect partner when you are going to chill and fun at the beach. You can also plan a special date for your partner or spouse on a lakeside or the beach. Also, this screen-house NorthWest Territory Tent is very popular among the beach-side resort owners. They install these tents near the beach to give their guests a different experience of the beach. Take a look at the features of this amazing NorthWest Territory Tent for in-depth information.

NorthWest Territory 10ft. Screenhouse Tent Features

One of the best features of this tent is the mesh and the net attached to it. They are both of very high quality. The top or the roof of the tent prevents direct sunlight and gives you the much-required shade at the beach. The mesh is UV-protected, thus it prevents people from them. The provides shade of an area 100sq. ft. and it is equipped with ropes to provide extra strength to the stability of the tent. Moreover, it has a storage bag to make your travel easy and convenient. Be it a lazy Sunday afternoon on the beach or a romantic evening at the beach, you can spend your time without worrying about the bugs because it prevents them from ruining your quality time. You can also serve food to the guests under this tent in your backyard parties.

Pros and Cons

  • The tent provides you good ventilation
  • Covers a huge area
  • It is very easy to set up and takedown
  • Protects from harmful UV rays
  • The tent is very lightweight
  • Not fit for rainy weather
  • You may require some extra stakes to install

How to install a tent?

The most important thing for caping is unarguably a shelter. Tents provide a very nice shelter when you are out in the woods or in some mountains. But there is a problem with the installation of tents. Tents are a bit difficult to set up and install. This task becomes even bigger and harder when you are a first-timer because you don’t know the basics. But you don’t have to worry as we are providing below some pro-tips to install a tent without any problem.

  • Find a clean and neat place to set up the tent as it will help in creating a plain base for your tent. A plain base will let you sleep comfortably in the night and will prevent bugs from getting inside.
  • Always carry some extra stakes to provide extra stability to the tent if the available stakes are unable to provide stability. A set of ropes may also help.
  • Always follow the instructions of the setup guide provided by the company. Every good company provides you the installation manual. So, follow the steps given in it.

FAQs on Northwest Territory Tent

What is the best tent for 4 persons?

There are hundreds of tents available in the market that are perfect for 4 people. While choosing the best tent for yourself, you must keep in mind a few things like the weather in the area where you are planning to go camping. Because if it will rain, you will require to have a tent that can prevent water from entering the tent. Also, you must keep the budget in mind. You won’t want to spend too much just on the tent.

Can a single person install a tent?

In a nutshell, yes, you can set up a tent all alone. But it also depends on your knowledge and experience of camping as well. Also, the size of the tent is also an issue. You can easily set up a small tent but you may require some assistance. You may find some problem in setting up the tent all alone if it is too windy out there as it becomes difficult to handle the wind speed.

How much will an 8 person tent cost?

There are umpteen numbers of tents available in the market today. Every tent has its own specialties and cons. The price of any tent depends on the quality and the brand. Also, the specifications and the features which a tent offers determines the cost of the tent. But roughly speaking, the price range of any 8 person tent of a good brand will start from about $100 and an upper limit is just a number.


Camping is one of the most interesting and fun activities that we do. Everybody loves to go out and explore nature. Perhaps it is the biggest factor of camping that those who camp or trek more are closer to nature. Who doesn’t like to sit under the sky of stars for hours with a bonfire? This is something that can’t be expressed in words. To enjoy all these fun-loving experiences away from the hush of city life, you need a tent. Northwest Territory Tents are one of the best picks. Also, they have one of the finest options for a great number of versatile tents. You just need to know what your requirements are. After keeping all the factors into consideration, choose the best product for you.

That was the list, all the campers. We hope that you liked it. Our dedicated team of hardworking individuals will keep bringing the stuff like this to make your camping experience even better and hassle-free. You can appreciate our effort by subscribing to us at Till then, be safe and keep enjoying your expeditions. We will look forward to you.

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