Ozark Trail 14 Person Tent Review In 2023

Ozark Trail 14 Person Tent

When it comes to a camping tent, Ozark is the only brand that comes to mind. The brand definitely gives attention to campers’ needs – from solid construction to spacious rooms. Ozark Trail Tents series features tents with different capacities- from 2 person tents to large family tents. With some major attention towards large families’ needs, Ozark has launched its Ozark Trail 14 Person tents designed to provide every bit of comfort and that “Camping feeling” to the campers. Feature-filled, this tent incorporates everything and actually feels like a home. If you have been planning about your next family camping trip, read out our Ozark Trail 14 Person Tent Review that will help you make the right choice.

Features of Ozark Trail 14 Person Base Camp Tent

Ozark Trail 14 Person Base camp Tent

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-person cabin tent is one of the biggest family camping tents out there. The tent offers plenty of space that can shelter 14 people at a time. The tent is designed very thoughtfully, keeping everything in mind -from windows to doors to pockets. It also features 4 rooms and 12 windows that add more to the ventilation process, making the tent more breathable. Surprisingly, with clear instructions, the tent is quite easy to set up. The tent can easily fit 5 mattresses, and after a hectic day, you can use the mattress for better sleep. Check out some more features of Ozark Trail 14 Person Tent:

  • The tent can easily be set up.
  • The tent features 5 storage pockets to keep your stuff organized, and you will always keep them handy.
  • Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-person cabin tent has a center height of 78″.


Dimensions 20×20″
Center Height 78″
Capacity 14 people
Type of Tent Cabin Tent
Weight 47.96 lb

Pros & Cons

  • The tent offers plenty of space to accommodate 14 persons.
  • Built-in-room dividers give the family their own privacy.
  • 12 Windows and mesh rainfly allow good airflow.
  • Easy Set up
  • The tent lacks ground vents. They could enhance the ventilation process.
  • The stakes are quite thin and flimsy. They can bend to take another shape if you are not careful.

Ozark Trail 14 Person Tent Review


Ozark Trail 14 Person base camp tent covers a huge floor area, so, sizewise, the brand has absolutely no compromises. The tent provides enough space to house 14 persons. The built-in-divider separates the whole area into 4 rooms, letting your kids have their separate room. The area is so huge that you can easily fit 4 or 5 air queen-sized mattresses while still having some free space to walk around. The tent features five small pockets as well where you can stash your small items that have a high probability of getting lost, and you can always keep track of those items. All in all, the tent provides huge space for the group of campers.


Ozark Trail 14 Person Base Camp tent takes care of everything, including ventilation. The tent comes with 12 windows and 4 doors to ensure that the tent’s breathability is excellent, and there should not be any suffocation. The addition of mesh rainfly adds more to the ventilation and provides a stunning view to have a look at. The tent really does take care of ventilation. Well, the tent lacks the ground vent, which means the campers might have an issue with ventilation when the rainfly is on.

Design & Constructions

Ozark Trail 14-person 4-room base camp tent is sturdily built using polyester and fiberglass. The rainfly comes with sealed seams that prevent any water leakage and resist its entry inside the tent. The tent is structured very-thoughtfully. The placement of doors and windows offer good ventilation and is really commendable. The availability of storage pockets to keep items handy is another good addition given to this tent. The tent also features amenities like electric cord access, media pockets to hold devices, gear loft to hold your camping gears. The tent can easily hold up to strong wind and heavy downpours to keep you dry.

Set up

Ozark Trail 14 Person tent is quite easy to set up, and there are no complications involved while you set up this tent. Since the floor measures huge dimensions, it might take a bit to make up this structure, but you will be able to do it in less than 10 minutes with some adult help. Just unpack your tent and make up this tent. Well, taking down is also easier, like a breeze. Once you take it down, you can conveniently fit this tent that comes in a carry bag for easy mobility.

Where Can You Buy Ozark Trail 14 Person Base Camp Tent?

Wondering where to buy this tent? Amazon and Walmart are your one-stop destination that tends to your needs, including camping as well. These stores offer the best prices on Ozark Trail 14 Person tent year-round. Well, this tent is really durable and sticks with you whenever you go out on a camping trip. Like Ozark Trail Yurt Tents, Splurging on this tent is no less than an investment.

Customer’s FAQ

What makes Tent Poles?
Ozark Trail 14 Person tent is one of the most durable tents out there. The tent is designed using polyester, fiberglass that ensure durability. Tent poles are designed using fiberglass, which is why this tent can resist the heavy winds to protect you.
What are the dimensions of this tent?

The tent measures 20×20 dimensions and covers a huge floor area to provide you with spacious and big rooms. This tent’s center height is 78″ that allows you to move inside the tent without having to bend easily. You can do all your standing activities easily.

Can we hang a light?

Yes, the center of the tent has a ring where you can hang the light. The rest of the rooms don’t have any strap or ring. Well, each of the rooms has small pockets that can hold light very comfortably. Along with that, there is also electrical cord access to power your light.

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