Ozark Trail 3 Person Dome Tents Review

Ozark Trail 3 person dome tent

Ozark Trail holds the top position when it comes to providing quality camping gear. The same goes with Ozark Trail Tents. The idea of the tents from Ozark is a cognate of adventure and driven by the passion of providing comfort to the restless campers. This brand manufactures a range of tents from 2 person tent to 16 person tent. Its tents are meticulously designed, taking care of an explorer’s needs or a family who is just looking for a break from a monotonous routine. Looking for a 3 person tent? Well, Ozark Trail 3 person dome Tent is just what you need. Tried and tested, this 3 person dome tent stands out from the rest. Know what we found about the Ozark Trail 3 person tent in this review.

Highlights of Ozark Trail 3 Person Dome Tent

Ozark Trail 3 person dome tent

Do you think you know enough? This tent will then surprise you with some exquisite features. let’s take a look at a few of the outstanding features of the Ozark 3 Person Tent.

  • As the name suggests, this tent can easily accommodate 3 people at a time.
  • It’s compact and lightweight.
  • Enlarged dome size for additional headroom and extra comfort.
  • Has seam-taped rainfly for superior weather protection.
  • Full mesh screen roof for extra ventilation as well as stargazing.
  • Built-In E-Port for all the power needs.

Ozark Trail 3 Person Dome Tent Dimensions & Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7′ (Length) X 7′ (Width) X 42″ (Centre Height)
  • Capacity: 3 people
  • Weight: 5.64 lbs
  • Tent Design: Dome Shaped

  • The enlarged height provides added headroom
  • Additional Water-resistance by taped seams
  • Mesh Screen roof for ventilation
  • Mud mat at the entryway to keep the tent clean

  • The zippers might get stuck if you are not cautious
  • The front door and the back wall doesn’t offer much prevention from water

Ozark Trail 3 Person Backpacking Tent Review


Ozark 3 Person Tent is ideal for a family camping trip. It can easily occupy 3 people at a time, leaving no scope of uneasiness. It’s 7’ X 7’ floor plan provides ample space for three people to feel at home. It fits one queen size air mattress with room for gear. An additional feature of the dome is the 42” center height. It provides one with extra headroom and enables even the tall ones to move freely. This large D- Shaped door tent also features a gear loft with tablet pockets for stowing away your little items, a wall hanging organizer with three separate compartments perfect for all those small items you don’t want to lose such as phones, keys, glasses, etc. Besides, there is an E-Pot running electricity into your tent for all the power needs. To sum up, it’s beyond perfect for the family of three looking for outdoor adventures.


Ventilation is one of the most searched after features in a tent. This Ozark, 3 person tent, will not fail to impress in that. Ventilation is kept in mind while designing this tent. It has a Roll-back rainfly specially designed for added ventilation. You can easily detach the rainfly for a full mesh screen roof. Love the night sky? This Ozark tent is perfect for stargazing on those warm summer nights and keeping the bugs at bay. Furthermore, not just ventilation, but cleanliness is also kept in mind. For this purpose, there is an added feature of mud mad at the tent’s entrance to keep away dirt and debris. Henceforth, keeping the tent clean.


The tent comes with an instruction manual making it easier to set up. The tent can be up and operational in less than ten minutes for a beginner. Hence, it becomes less time consuming after a few times. Breaking it down is also quick and easy. It’s best for someone who is always on the go. It can be set up in no time, and fuss-free disassemble.


It’s a tent made to sail through all the seasons. Ozark Trail went the extra step and seam-taped the fly to support the already water-resistant rainfly further. So it provides extra protection when it pours. Moreover, it can withstand high winds while the canopy keeps a good amount of wind out of the dome, keeping you warm at cold campsites. During hot weather, one can easily get the air inside the tent through the mesh with the removable fly’s help. Excellent ventilation with the quality of extreme wear and tear is best suited for all weather conditions.


Ozark Trail takes care of every sect while creating its product. So it did with the quality and price of the Ozark Tents. It’s exactly what you are looking for as it gives value for money. There are several variants in the market for small tents. But this dome 3 person tent from Ozark Trail is one of the best 3 person tents with such specifications under affordable price.

Where can you buy Ozark Trail 3 person dome tent?

If you are making up your mind to buy this tent, it’s such a great price for a starter tent. You can get it from Amazon or Walmart at the best prices available in the market. It is not only the best tent at a low price but also reliable. Ozark provides in best quality at an affordable price, but this tent will also be totally worth your investment.

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