Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent Review In 2023 (September)

Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent

Ozark has become one of the best brands for camping tents. The brand offers an amazing range of camping tents. You can get one for a solo camper or a couple, and the list goes on. For a mid-sized family, the brand does not disappoint us. Ozark lists down Ozark Trail 6 Person tent as the best tent for a mid-sized family. Below, we have highlighted the features, specifications, and performance. Because we want to make sure that your camping trip is as wonderful as your family’s, we have personally reviewed Ozark Trail 6 Person tent that will provide every bit of important information you are seeking.

Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent is one of the best family tents you can buy for yourself. The tent features an advanced set technology, which means setting this tent is no longer a trouble. Camping can be made fun of when you have the best camping gear and a camping tent, by far, is one of the most important pieces of camping gear you need to own.  So, if you have been looking forward to adding a new family tent to your arsenal, let’s break down Ozark Trail 6 Person Dome Tent features and specifications in detail. Read our Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent reviews to know how well it performs when carrying this family tent on your trip. For small families, we have also reviewed Ozark Trail 4 Person Tent.

Features Of Ozark Trail 6 Person Instant Camping Tent

Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent

Ozark Trail 6 Person Dome Tent is carefully designed to cater to the needs of campers. The tent is carefully designed using the best material, which makes a sturdy construction, and when it comes to durability, the tent does a great job. This tent can easily fit 6 people and be set up in absolutely no time. This tent from Ozark would be a suitable choice if you are looking for a durable and tough tent. Check out some of the amazing features of this tent. There is another variation of the Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent that comes with LED Lights.

  • The tent can be set up instantly. You can easily set up this tent in 60 seconds.
  • The tent features 3 windows and 2 ground vents to enhance ventilation.
  • Ozark Trail 6 Person Instant Camping Tent comes with a gear loft to place your small items like keys.

Specifications of Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent


10′ x 9′ x 66″

Capacity 6 Person
Type of Tent Instant Tent, Cabin Tent
Brand Ozark

Pros & Cons

  • Ozark Trail 6 person dome tent features an advanced instant setup technology, and you can pitch this tent in under one minute.
  • This tent can easily accommodate 6 persons, and you can easily fit 2 queen-sized air mattresses.
  • The room divider is another great addition to the added privacy.
  • The presence of gear loft and media devices enhance the camping experience of the campers.
  • The zippers can get broken easily.
  • The tent does not come features a vestibule for additional storage.

Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent Reviews

Below, we have broken down the specifications and features of this tent to give you an insight into the performance, considering each aspect—read out our reviews of Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent.


Ozark Trail 6 Person Cabin Tent is quite roomy and offers plenty of space to the families, friends, campers. As its name indicates, the tent can easily accommodate 6 people and will not leave any scope to make you uncomfortable. The tent measures 10×9 dimensions cover a huge floor area. On the other hand, you can easily fit 2 queen-sized mattresses for added comfort and good sleep at night. The tent features a 66″ center height, making doing standing activities like a breeze. Whether you want to walk around or make your way to exit the tent, the tent offers a great center height. For the added storage space, the tent comes with a gear loft, and that’s a nice addition to this tent, where you can keep all your items handy.


Before buying any tent, it is important to consider ventilation as well. Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent does a great job of offering proper ventilation. The tent features 3 room large windows that always ensure a good airflow inside the tent. On those trips, when you close all your doors, the presence of ground vents will ensure enhanced ventilation. Ventilation is not an issue in this 6 person tent.

Set up

The tent comes with crisp and clear instructions to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience while setting up this tent. The tent can be easily set up in less than a minute. Since the poles come pre-attached, you just need to unpack and unfold the tent to pitch this tent. This tent is definitely perfect for those “unplanned trips,” and particularly if you reach your destination in the dark. Even one person can easily set up this tent. The tent is designed in a way to ease the pitching process.


Ozark is one of those brands that strike a perfect balance between the product’s quality and the price. Ozark Trail 6 Person Cabin Tent is one of the most affordable family tents out in the market that does not compromise with the quality, and yet, the tent is priced at an affordable price tag. The tent has everything you want- space, sturdy construction, roomy, durable, ventilation. The tent is absolutely worth the money.

Where Can You Buy Ozark Trail 6 Person Tent?

Amazon and Walmart will offer the best prices for those looking forward to grabbing a new camping tent for their families. We hope that our detailed product review will help you make a smarter choice. The tent from Ozark has gained major attention from the campers and has been reviewed well by the users. As stated above, this tent is value for money.

Customer’s FAQ

Can one person set up this tent?

The tent features advanced setup technology. You can set up this tent very quickly. One person can set this up since the user’s manual contains brief instructions. The tent features ease of use.

Will the tent be able to fit queen-sized Mattresses?

Yes, the tent offers plenty of space where you can easily fit the queen-sized air mattresses. Well, the tent can easily fit two queen-sized air mattresses. So, you can always choose to add queen-sized mattresses inside your tent for added comfort.

How effective is rainfly?

The rainfly does its job of keeping water away from the tent great. No matter how hard the downpour is, the factory seam-sealed rainfly resists the water to enter the tent. Rainfly adds an extra layer of protection to withstand rainy days.

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