Best Roof Top Tent Review For Camping In 2020 (September)

Roof Top Tent

Few things are more rewarding than just camping with friends or family. And rooftop tents are a great way to set a camp for any outdoor getaway. They let you stay in the comfort of your own vehicle. A car top tent is the hottest trend in camping. Providing a perfect vantage point, protection from bugs and insects, and a cool place to sleep in. All you need to do is to unfold them, securely attach these tents to a rack positioned on the roof of your vehicle, and lower a ladder to gain access. Thus, taking just a few minutes to deploy the tent. A large variety in style, design, size, and configuration helps you select the right one.

Furthermore, roof rack tents are easy to set up, keep your vehicle elevated, and can stand against all weather conditions. Hence, allowing you to spend less spend time working and more time under the starry sky, or hiking and fishing. No matter where your adventure takes you the next time. Just remember to make it a lifetime experience with a rooftop tent. Check out our list of the best roof Top Tents. Below, we have also provided you with the reviews of these tents so that you can pick the best for yourself.

Best Roof Top Tents

Various brands offer a number of the best rooftop tent. Choosing the most appropriate one is often a tough task. However, one should be clear about his or her plan and the number of people joining the adventure. Further, these tents directly relate to the type of vehicle. Whether owning a Jeep, Truck, or SUV, the car top tents are available for every vehicle. According to research, people prefer these tents rather than rooftop campers.

Based on the rooftop tent reviews, we are providing you some of the popular tents of famous brands such as Tepui, ARB, Yakima, and Smittybilt.

Tepui Roof Top Tents

Tepui is a well-known brand among the rooftop tent. It was born out of an epic road trip across Venezuela. Based out of Santa Cruz, California, Tepui is an enthusiastic outdoor adventure company that offers the highest quality rooftop camping tents. The reviews of customers are consistently positive. Hence, gaining their trust. Some of the famous Tepui Tents are mentioned below:

1. Tepui Explorer Ayer Roof Top Tent

Tepui Explorer Ayer Roof Tent

Staying away from home enjoying the time in the wild or set a camp near beachside with Tepui Explorer Ayer tent. Providing sufficient space for 2 adults, this tepui rooftop tent is the epitome for your adventure. You can carry it along anywhere as it packs smaller.

Features of Tepui Explorer Ayer Roof Tent

Tepui Explorer Ayer Roof Top Tent can easily fit 2 people inside. The tent is ready to protect you from the heaviest rain and stiff winds. All thanks to the high-quality 600D ripstop and a 260 g poly-cotton blend fabric. Have a sound full and comfortable sleep as it includes high density 2-1/2 inch foam mattress. This car top tent can withstand the elements as it is made up of 1000g Heavy Duty PVC material. Furthermore, the material of the annex is 420D Polyester Oxford and PU coated. The tent contains the mesh panels which offer optimum ventilation. Hence, no chance to feel suffocated. You can easily swap out the canopy in any of the seasons and set up due to its lightweight. Having this tepui tent allows you to store gear and other accessories in 4 large pockets.

Specifications of Tepui Explorer Ayer Roof Tent
  • The dimension of Tepui Explorer Ayer roof rack tent is 54 x 49 x 12 inches
  • It has a weight of 2.2 pounds
  • 8001AYR02 is the model number of this tent
Tepui Explorer Ayer Rooftop Tent, BLUE
Four season tent perfect for smaller SUVs and vehicles; Can accommodate up to two people; Mesh panels offer plenty of?ventilation and open for more airflow

2. Tepui Explorer Autana Roof Tent

Tepui Explorer Autana Roof Top Tent

The Tepui Explorer Autana is here to make your camping experience a memorable one. From the towering peaks of Colorado to the expansive plains of South Dakota, this Tepui Autana with its spacious 3-person design can double your fun. Moreover, the operational sky panels for stargazing, and exceptional build quality attracts the customers. Strap it at top of your favorite vehicle before hitting the road to have home-like sleeping comfort.

Features of Tepui Explorer Autana Roof Tent

Offering a space for 3 persons, Tepui Explorer Autana top tent is built to endure the elements of any season and climate. It includes an extended private canopy entrance with removable annex. The material used to make this tent is both UV and mold resistant. Hence, it can stand against all weather conditions. This tent comes with mesh panels delivering maximum air circulation.

Specifications of Tepui Explorer Autana Roof Tent
  • The weight of this rooftop camping tent is 2.2 pounds.
  • 8001ASK05 is the model number of Autana.
Tepui Explorer Autana Rooftop Tent, OLIVE GREEN
Four season tent built to endure the elements of any season and climate; Can accommodate up to 3 people

3. Tepui Explorer Kukenam Roof Top Tent

Tepui Explorer Kukenam Roof Top Tent

Mount Tepui Explorer Kukenam to the top of your vehicle and camp above everyone else at the campground. It is one of the best rooftop tents which has created a storm in the outdoor industry. So all the camping lovers just go through what all features this tent offers to make your adventure an overwhelming one.

Features of Tepui Explorer Kukenam Roof Tent

Kukenam is designed for year-round protection. The cushy foam base allows you to take rest comfortably. Moreover, it boasts heavy-duty polyester and cotton fabrics with PU–coated canopy which keeps rain, snow, and moisture out. Alternatively, the mesh panels offer maximum air circulation in hot summer trips. Furthermore, every panel including the skylight has waterproof zippers for more airflow. This model of Tepui is relatively simple to install and set up. It comes with universal mounting brackets that attach to most of the roof racks and after-market roof bars. Tepui Explorer Kukenam rooftop tent comes with a PVC travel ensuring complete protection from rugged outdoors.

Specifications of Tepui Explorer Kukenam Roof Tent
  • Weighing 2.2 pounds, this tent is ideal for every outdoor activity.
  • The model number of the tent is 8001KSK04
Tepui Explorer Kukenam Rooftop Tent, HAZE GRAY
Four season tent built to endure the elements of any season and climate; Can accommodate up to 3 people

4. Tepui LoPro 3 Rooftop Tent

Tepui LoPro 3 Rooftop Tent

The new LoPro 3 is a 3-Person 3-Season car top tent. This tepui tent ranks among Tepui’s lowest profile and lightest weight rooftop tents. Buying this model is bliss for adventure enthusiasts.

Features of Tepui Lopro 3 Roof Tent

Tepui LoPro 3 is a lightweight as well as low profile tent that is easy to install and transport. The base of the tent is constructed of thermoplastic materials that are both durable and recyclable. Moreover, the ripstop canopy of the tent is made up of new materials that guarantee superior protection from rain, sun heat, and mildew. Thus, providing it lifetime stability. During heavy rainfall, you can hang out beneath the waterproof rainfly while you read your favorite novel or play cards. With the 2 inches foam mattress, you will not encounter any trouble drifting off to sleep.

Specifications of Tepui Lopro 3 Roof Tent
  • Tepui LoPro 3 weighs 2.2 pounds. Thus, making it easier to transport the tent.
  • The sleeping footprint measures 56 x 95 inches.
  • The model number of this tepui tent is 8001LP304
Tepui LoPro 3 Tent: 3-Person 3-Season (8001LP304)
Lightweight and low profile tent that is easy to install and transport; Dome canopy is lightweight while still providing all-season protection

ARB Roof Top Tents

Another brand producing high-quality adventure products and accessories is ARB. Being in the industry since 1975, it is Australia’s best manufacturer producing some of the best tents. The company believes in fulfilling the dreams of adventure lovers. Specializing in jeep top tent and other equipment for camping with a vehicle, ARB has a special line known as Simpson for roof-top tents.

ARB Simpson III Roof Top Tent

ARB Simpson III Roof Top Tent

ARB Simpson III is a perfect exemplar for all the camping fans when it comes to comfort and convenience. Unfolding and setting up in minutes, this tent serves aa a protected shelter for you. The tent is paired with an annex offering additional space and storage. It is one of the best roof rack tent based on the rooftop tent reviews.

Features ARB Simpson III Roof Top Tent
  • This ARB roof-top tent comes with a retractable aluminum ladder to climb up or down from the tent. It features a 2.5-inch foam mattress to give you a comfortable sleep.
  • Also, the insect screens ensure to keep mosquitos and bugs away from your tent. The telescopic ladder made up of aluminum does not put extra weight on the vehicle.
  • A PVC cover which is completely water-resistant protects your investment throughout your journey.
Specifications ARB Simpson III Roof Top Tent
  • Having a dimension of 59.5 x 51.8 x 12 inches, the tent takes considerably less space in your vehicle.
  • This ARB rooftop tent weighs 185 pounds which is somewhat heavier
  • 803804 is the model number of ARB Simpson III roof tent.
ARB 803804 Simpson Tent Incl. Annex/Ladder Simpson...
ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent and Annex Combo Kit; Mounts to the top of your car for an above-ground sleeping or storage space

Yakima Roof Top Tents

Originally set up as the small machine shop, Yakima is now the leading brand in supplying outdoor gears to adventure quests. In 2015, they teamed up with Toyota to produce the vehicle products in abundance. Thereafter, it took no time for them to hit the market with Yakima SkyRise Roof Tents. Soon the rave reviews and high performance made Yakima a famous brand. And until this roof tent is creating thunderstorm in the outdoor industry.

1. Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent – S

Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent – S

Enjoy camping off the cold, muddy ground with the Yakima 2-Person Roof Top Tent. The Skyrise Rooftop Tent attaches to most factory and aftermarket crossbars, provided your vehicle’s rack and chassis can support the additional static weight sitting on top.

Features of Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent – S

The lightweight design and robust durability of this Yakima roof tent make it an ideal tent for the car top campers. This is the smallest model offered by Yakima. Moreover, it can accommodate two adults with 28 square feet of sleeping space. The foam mattress eliminates the need for inflatable sleeping pads. Hence providing you with comfortable and peaceful sleep. The body and rainfly of Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent are constructed of 210D nylon. Furthermore, the rainfly uses a PU coating that repels oncoming showers and heavy storms from ruining your camping experience. Not only are these materials durable and relatively light but they’re breathable too. Thus, neglecting the chance of suffocation on those warmer evenings in the summertime. Mesh-screened windows and a single skylight helps in great ventilation. In addition, you can view landscapes and starlit skies from the comfort of your tent.

The entire tent is supported with lightweight aluminum poles. Also, it includes a ladder for easier entry and exit. The tent has the capability to hold 400 pounds of weight inside without bending or creating any trouble. Though offering so many attractive features, this tent seems to be intimidating as it exposes you to chemicals such as antimony Oxide A which causes cancer.

Specifications Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent – S
  • Available in the dimension of 51 x 43 x 11 inches this tent lets you experience the most amazing camping time.
  • This tent comes with a weight of 101.9 pounds.
  • It holds up to 400 pounds
  • 28 square feet sleeping area can easily fit 2 persons.
  • The model number of this top tent is Yakima
Yakima SkyRise Rooftop Tent-S
Small 2 Person Capacity

2. Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent – Poler Edition

Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent – Poler Edition

The Yakima SkyRise Poler Edition has an outstanding design that absolutely blends in. Providing a sleeping area for 3, it is among the best rooftop tents. It is the latest edition of the Yakima.

Features of Yakima SkyRise Roof Tent

Sporting a furry camo pattern to create a shelter protecting from all unwelcoming weather conditions. The tent is light, strong, and technically advanced as crafted from light and breathable 210D nylon. The easy to install design results in less work and more play. Further, the Mesh panels offer plenty of ventilation and a view of the stars. The tent has a  thick 2.5 wall-to-wall foam mattress providing cushy comfort. Additionally, the mattress comes with a removable cover. Thus, making the cleaning easy. weather-shedding PU coated rainfly keeps you dry while you’re up high.

Specifications of Yakima SkyRise Roof Tent
  • Resting on a thick 2.5 foam mattress is comforting.
  • The manufacturer uses 210D nylon for constructing this expertise model.
YAKIMA SkyRise Rooftop Tent - Poler Edition -...
Rooftop tent provides stylish sleeping accommodations for three; Easy to pitch design means less work and more play

3. Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent 3-Person 3-Season

Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent 3-Person 3-Season

Get closer to panoramic views and starry sky with the elevated camping of the Yakima Skyrise 3-Person 3-Season Roof Top Tent. It is another model that provides an amazing camping experience to roof rack campers. Let’s look upon some of the exciting features delivered by the tent.

Features of Yakima SkyRise Roof Tent for 3 Person

This model easily adjusts three campers into its 37 square feet of the sleeping area. 210D nylon used for making the tent body and rainfly is what makes this Yakima rooftop tent an ideal one for campers. It has a double-wall, thus, protecting it from the rough climatic condition. It has a freestanding structure with a fold-out ladder.

Specifications of Yakima SkyRise Roof Tent for 3 Person
  • The dimension of this tent is 58 x 48 x 17 inches
  • Weighing 115 pounds, the model is relatively heavy to carry.
  • The interior design of 37 square feet accommodates 3 adults.
  • It can easily hold 600 pounds.

Smittybilt Roof Top Tents

A well-known brand specifically for jeep wranglers, Smittybilt has been in the market for over 50 years. It proudly supplies thousands of active dealers and distributors worldwide with an innovative truck, jeep, and SUV accessories. Smittybilt offers around 2,000 different products. The constant involvement of management in the off-road markets has kept the brand in touch with the latest market trends and at the forefront of engineering and design. In addition, with the modest price range, the brand has become one of the best manufacturer dealing in vehicle gears and accessories. Smittybilt Overlander tent is one of the selling and top performing jeep rooftop tent. Check the models of this brand below.

1. Smittybilt 2883 Overland Roof Top Tent

Smittybilt 2883 Overland Roof Top Tent

Fold-out in seconds to full height avoiding the mess with tent pegs and ropes like other traditional tents. Thus, requiring a single person to set up. This Smittybilt roof tent offers all the features you desire for the amazing camping experience.

Features of Smittybilt 2883 Overland Roof Tent

A spacious shelter that accommodates 3 to 4 persons is a perfect camping tent. Constructed from heavy-duty 600D ripstop polyester, Smittybilt 2883 Overland rooftop tent is completely water-resistant. Hence, reducing your worry to caught out in the rain. The 60mm high-density foam mattress with removable cover allows peaceful resting and easy cleaning. This Smittybilt top tent has stainless steel hinges and anodized aluminum frame pole which together provide support to the structure.

Specifications of Smittybilt 2883 Overland Roof Tent
  • The tent has a dimension of 60 x 54 x 14 inches.
  • It has a weight of 168 pounds which is slightly heavy.
  • This Smittybilt roof rack tent has high load capacity of 770 lbs
Smittybilt Overlander Tent XL, Folder with...
Coyote tan; Heavy-duty 600D rip stop polyester; Waterproof; 60mm high density foam mattress with removable cover

2. Smittybilt Overlander Roof Top Tent

Smittybilt Overlander Roof Top Tent

Smittybilt Overlander Tent is particularly a jeep roof tent. Packed with a number of features at an affordable price, it is the top pick tent by the adventure lovers. You can camp outdoors with this tent in any season and feel protected.

Features of Smittybilt Overlander Roof Tent

The tent attaches to the roof of your vehicle. It just takes a few minutes to install this massive shelter. The tent is a standard size which can accommodate 2 or 3 sleep. A high density 92” x 55” foam mattress provides a comfortable sleeping space. Smittybilt Overlander rooftop tent comes with a ladder for easy access. The heavy-duty PVC cover keeps tent dry and free from UV rays when not in use. The side windows come with mosquito netting that bans the entry of insects and bugs. The LED strip is a unique feature that deals with lighting issues. Moreover, the anodized aluminum tent frame poles help the structure to remain intact. You can also attach the annex with a removable floor to the tent. Buying it will also include mounting brackets.

Specifications of Smittybilt Overlander Roof Tent
  • The dimension of this jeep rooftop tent is 60 x 52 x 14 inches
  • It weighs 142 pounds.
  • This Smittybilt car top tent has a user capacity of 661 lbs.
  • 92” x 55” foam mattress is of great comfort.
Smittybilt Overlander Tent
Mounting brackets included

Tuff Stuff Roof Top Tents

Crafting some of the serious rooftop tents, Tuff Stuff holds a position in the market. Offering a wide variety of products with great performance. It is based out of Santa Ana, California. The brand is worth placing in the list because of its 3 different models creating a buzz in the market. Let’s check one of the best models below.

Tuff Stuff Elite Overland Roof Top Tent

Tuff Stuff Elite Overland Roof Top Tent

The Tuff Stuff rooftop tent can mount to any vehicle with crossbars. Travel to the most secluded camping locations with your family or friends with this tent. The tent is designed to provide ultimate comfort, ease, and convenience. It is the largest among the car top tents in the market. Ready to fit 8 adults with the additional annex room. However, it can adjust 4 to 5 people.

Features of Tuff Stuff Elite Overland Roof Tent

Tuff Stuff Elite Overland roof tent is built from 280g Poly/Cotton rip-stop fabric with a waterproof Polyurethane coating for maximum water resistance. Folding out requires little or no effort and takes no tool for installation. A thick foam mattress offers great comfort when you take rest in 94.5 x 79 inches sleeping space. You can add an annex room to accommodate more than 5 persons in the tent. Furthermore, the retractable ladder can also be folded away for increased space inside the annex room. The Elite Overland rooftop tent comes with 2 entry doors, 2 ladders for easy access, and 2 windows at the head of the tent for optimum air circulation. The screened windows have their own awnings. It also includes a removable split wall for added privacy and 2X mattresses for separate bedding.

Specifications of Tuff Stuff Elite Overland Roof Tent
  • 94.5 x 79 inches sleeping space can easily adjust 5 adults.
  • Create additional space by attaching the annex
Tuff Stuff Elite Overland Roof Top Tent & Annex...
✅280G Poly/Cotton Ripstop | 77.5"X48"X15" Closed | 77.5"X96"X51" Opened; ✅Heavy-duty YKK zippers | 4 Season tent

Front Runner Roof Top Tents

It is a famous brand which deals with various camping accessories. Their products have a well-deserved reputation for quality, intelligent design, and durability. Many engineers and skilled craftsmen built the products in ISO-9001: 2015 Certified factory. Front Runner is based outside Johannesburg, South Africa.

Front Runner  Roof Tent

Front Runner  Roof Tent

It is the lowest profile roof top tent in the market. You can mount the tent on most of the vehicles to open out over the rear or either side of the vehicle.

Features of Front Runner  Roof Tent

Front Runner roof rack tent sleeps 2 or 3 persons comfortably. The low profile reduces air resistance while on the road and lowers the vehicles total height. It includes a mattress. Therefore, you can add sleeping bags and pillows if needed. The tent has zippered privacy panels on all windows and doors and a retractable, sturdy aluminum ladder with foot-friendly treads. This tent is designed with a special Oxford tent fabric (400D) which is strong, breathable, mold-resistant, waterproof, and fire-resistant. Furthermore, the PVC coating and heavy-duty poly-cotton make the structure durable. Front Runner roof tent is mounted to an aluminum base that is insulated to keep the cold out.

A semi-permanent HD fly-sheet offers shade during the day, decreased condensation in the morning, and the ability to leave the windows open when it’s raining. You can remove the flysheet on warm evenings. The screened windows and doors can be opened or closed without letting insects in. The tent also comes with a roof ventilator opening with a mosquito screen that reduces condensation and hence is a steady source of ventilation.

Specifications of Front Runner  Roof Tent
  • The tent comes with a dimension of 8 x 2 x 10 inches
  • When unfolded it measures 1.3m (4.3′) W x 2.4m (7.9′) L
  • It weighs 129.3 pounds.
  • The model number of the tent is TENT03
Front Runner Roof Top Tent
Lowest profile roof top tent on the market at 200mm (7.87") excluding ladder; A 1.3m (4.3') W x 2.4m (7.9') L when unfolded, it sleeps 2 people comfortably

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Top Tent

What is the RTT Camping?

RTT stands for Roof Top Tent and with this tent, your vehicle instantly becomes a home. It is a must-have product for those who have an adventure thirst. Travel to any part of the world and enjoy your time in the tent by playing cards, telling a ghost story, lying under the starlit sky. You just need to install the tent on the top of your vehicle. No other modifications are required to your car other than adding a roof rack or crossbars. They let you have an amazing and overwhelming experience of a lifetime. Thus, investing in this tent is worth your money.

Can you put a rooftop tent on any car?

Yes, you can. These tents easily set up on any jeep, truck or car. However, for a compact vehicle such as a hatchback, we advise using a traditional tent.

What is the advantage of a Roof Top Tent?

There are several advantages of having a rooftop tent that a camping person can enjoy. You can them below
1. Portability: It is perfect for those who just need a chance to go on a road trip. You can install this tent on your vehicle wherever you go. Have great fun and adventure with this tent.
2. Quick and Easy to Set-up: It takes just a few minutes to set-up a car-top tent on the desired location. Mounting it on your vehicle is not at all a tough task.
3. Comfort: A rooftop tent generally has a comfortable mattress which lets you take rest without any trouble. Further, you can leave the bedding inside the tent when you pack up.
4. Durable: The main concern of a manufacturer is the durability of the roof-top tents. Most of them are constructed with tougher, more durable, and long-lasting materials. They are crafted to offer you maximum features and withstand the elements.
5. Off Ground: Mounting on the top of a vehicle, you don’t need to worry about flooding or mud. However, the tent allows for plenty of ventilation.
6. Cheap: These tents are available at an affordable price tag. You can choose the most suitable one according to your vehicle, plan, and number of people

How can you maintain a rooftop tent?

Maintaining a rooftop tent is a simple task that does not give you much pain. You just need to do the following to keep your tent secure and long-lasting:
Keep the hinges oiled during the rainy season and snowfall.
Coating of waterproof spray is a good idea when you are using it extensively
Do not put the load on the top of the tent.
When packing up, make sure your tent is dry to avoid mold and mildew.

What is a Hard Shell Roof Top Tent?

A Hard Shell Roof Top Tent consists of a fiberglass exterior shell and a poly/canvas for its sidewalls. It has a base built from Polyurethane. These tents pop directly upwards in a vertical line and come with a unique design and compactness. The use of fiberglass makes these hard shell roof tents lightweight. As a result, you can install this tent on small vehicles.

Can a single person install a roof-top tent?

Yes, a single person can install a roof-top camping tent very easily. One of the best things about almost all the roof-top tents is that they are very easy to set up and remove. You can easily assemble the tent on your own. You may require some assistance with a few complex tents to set them up but most of the tents can be set up by an individual.

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